Due to delay in justice, Nazim murder case took a new turn. Nazim Jokhios wife Shireen Jokhio has submitted affidavit and withdrawn case against Jam Karim and other accused. The Murder of Nazim Jokhio , Malir, Karachi

Posted: April 1, 2022 in News and Views

The Murder of Nazim Jhokio is a wakeup call for the judiciary and Pakistani society. Nazim was tortured to death by the detained PPP lawmaker, Jam Awais, in Malir for trying to prevent the legislator’s foreign guests from hunting the vulnerable houbara bustard near the deceased’s village in Thatta’s Dabeji area and filming it on November 2. Though hunting is banned in Pakistan, it is permitted for wealthy foreign dignitaries.

 The FIR was registered under Sections 302 (premeditated murder) and 34 (common intention) of the Pakistan Penal Code on the complaint by the victim’s brother, who accused MPA Awais and Member of the National Assembly Jam Abdul Karim of having a hand in Jokhio’s murder.The victim’s brother told that hundreds of feudal and influential figures are trying to reach us and pressurizing us to not follow the case further. He said Nazim had made a video before his death after he was thrashed by the influential landlord.

Victim Nazim Jokhio said that he made a live video of hunting at 4 pm. Some person including the Arab hunters had snatched the cell phone from him and beat him to keep him silent, but he was later given his phone. He said he made a phone call to Madadgar-15 but the police did not arrive.

Although, He did not name anyone in the video statement but said that those threatening him would be responsible. “I am not afraid but this video statement of mine should be kept on record. I am receiving threats and I would not seek an apology,” he said in the video statement.

Relatives and members from the Jokhio’s community staged a sit-in on the national highway at Dhabeji with his body. They buried the reporter in a nearby graveyard and then continued the sit-in until the FIR been lodged.

Nazim’s widow, Shireen Jhokio fought the case of her husband for more than 7 months but she couldn’t resist the pressure from feudal lords who have a close ties with the Sindh’s ruling elite.  The pressure on shireen is reflected on her statement in which she gave a pardon to the murderers. She was getting a life threat from the defendants as well as the immense social pressure from the tribe.

Pakistan is a country that sits fourth in the International Federation of Journalists’ list of “dangerous” countries with the death of 138 journalists since 1990. The state must ensure the justice to the victim family. This case could be an example to restore the public faith on the judicial system of Pakistan.

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