Human’s true wealth is the good he does in this world

Donate for the cause and Help us to assist those in need


You can support RightsNow Pakistan in below assistance it provide to individuals/community.

S# Name of Activity Amount
01. Legal aid to Widow for pension (High Court) 25000
02. Legal aid to women for protection
(at session or high court)
03. Legal aid to married couple for (petition at High Court) 25000
04. Fact finding mission 12000-16000
05. Workshop on human rights 15000-20,000
06. Workshop on women rights (Nikahnama, violence against women, etc) 5000-10,000
07. Legal aid in cases of women killed in the name of honor or  have threats 20,000-25000
08. Legal aid to individuals or community of different faith for protection and individuals of different orientation 15000-20,000
09. Legal aid in Land issues of widows/single women 30,000-50,000
10. Research on women rights, human rights, land rights, minority issues, refugees 50,000
11. Interns for office for three to six months 9000-18000


Or if you want to donate us:

S# Accessories Amount
01. Video Recorder Camera 20,000-70,000
02. Laptop 25000
03. Multimedia projector 8000-12,000
04. Camera for field work 45,000


To donate:

Account Title: RightsNow Foundation

Bank: Khushhali Bank Limited

Account # 0105020103308407


National donors can donate us from any branch of Khushhali Bank Limited.

International donors, kindly contact us at