Ambassador and Advocates

You Are More Than A Tourist- You Are Honored Guest in Pakistan

We invite you explore and Enjoy the Beauty, culture and hospitality of Pakistan

Pakistani culture and beauty







These Ambassadors/Advocates are people who promotes peace, harmony, justice and human rights across the world, have got opportunities to visit Pakistan, met or interacted with Pakistanis, anywhere in the world and know Pakistan, its culture, society and people. Their comments that ‘how they found Pakistan,  its people and society,’ will be published here to  aware people  of rest of the world about Pakistan and its people. In this way, the countries , societies and people of ambassador’/advocates’ countries will be connected with the Pakistani society, its culture and its people.

Through this forum, we will invite them to visit Pakistan, experience its beauty and hospitality and meet elected representatives, media, civil society and women groups to get more insight in Pakistan’s society and culture.

  1. Hayyee Abdul says:

    the visitors who lose their cash mobile and other things ? when the meet here law enforce agencies
    when they read our News paper then ?
    when they know about Karo Kari ?
    when they come to know the decisions of Jirga then ?

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