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Lotta and Lola’s Love- A Commitment Honored

Lotta decided to bring Lola to Sweden-

Lola in Sweden


Question:  Where did you meet Lola?

I met Lola for the first time when I was waiting for a meeting to start in a small village in Eastern Sri Lanka. It was at a CSO (Civil Society Organiastion) sitting on a plastic chair, under the fan in their small meeting house and something small came in the door and I called the little puppy to come closer (talking with a smooth voice) and so she did and immediately I felt that this little creature was different from all other puppies and dogs I had met before. She was charming, curious and tough at the same time but very skinny and much smaller than her sister…After the meeting I asked if someone owned the puppies and it was the janitor who owned the father of the puppies. I went home but came back to the CSO  few days later and then the janotir came to my car just as I was about to leave and gave me a puppie – the same one as I had fallen in love with a few days earlier! She was so small I remember and she fell asleep in my lap.

Question: What made you bring her to Sweden? Love for Lola?

I also had to leave Sri Lanka faster and sooner than I had planned due to no Visa, so I had to leave her in Sri LankaL asking my colleagues to take care of her, until I had sorted things out. It took me more than one year to sort things out…The reason why I brought Lola to Sweden is that I made a vow when I got her, that I would take care of her as long as any of us lived. It was a matter of principal and I thought that I had the resources to follow it through – otherwise I would not have accepted her as a gift. Many expats take dogs and cats while they are on a mission and they spoil and pamper the pets while they are there and then leave them behind when their contract is over… Then the animal is not able to cope very well on the street and find food – all in all the dog is less capable to survive than other street dogs… You have done the dog a disservice…Of course I love my dog, she is amazing – she is unique to me!

Question: What hardship did you bear to bring her to Sweden?

Mainly it was hard to organize it since I was working in another country and when finally being back in Sri Lanka the travel agency who was supposed to assist me did rather the opposite.

Lotta, her niece and nephew Elsa and Axel with Lolla

After Sri Lanka, I got a very well paid job, so the expenses taking her to Sweden was not a problem. My husband supported me 100% in this process which meant a lot. I am forever grateful to my friends who took care of Lola during the year before I could come back and pick her up.

Question: What message you wanna give to people about animal rights?

The message is that temporarily pampering and spoiling an animal is something they get used to and once you start it is a responsibility that has no ending… temporary engagement might make the animals life worse than before they met you….In general I think we need to treat all animals with increased respect and its about every creature’s right to dignity. On the other hand we are not living in the Disney world and life is tough, but the human being should not misuse its power towards the animals. I heard somewhere that you can tell the state of a country “soul” and level of respect for each other by looking at how the animals are treated by its fellow human citizens.

Thanks Lotta-

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