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Mr. Ali Palh

 Editor & Director

Ali Palh Editor and Director, RightsNOW Pakistan is a lawyer, peace keeper, columnist and human rights defender from Pakistan. He has several years experience in the mentioned field both at national and international level. Presently, Mr. Palh is candidate LL.M at The Fletcher School Of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford. Prior to this course, Ali was working in Sri Lanka on protection of human rights defenders since June 2007. Ali Palh is also attending a course at the Harvard Law School on the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its policies.

Ali Palh is member of District Bar Mirpukhas, Sindh, Pakistan. His areas of interest are international criminal justice, peacekeeping and protection of human rights defenders and media activist. He can be reached at rightsnowpak@gmail.com, alipalh@gmail.com  

News Editor

Mr. Sikander Balouch, a columnist, news presenter, reporter, journalist has years of quality experience in media and journalism. Mr. Balouch is also poet and human rights activist. Mr. Baloch resides in Houston Texas. Sikandar Baloch  is working for  Urdu radios and reports for information desk of Sindhi Association of North America. Recently, he was awarded the best journalist and anchor award from Sindhi Association of North America. You can reach Sikander Balouch at sikanderbaloch77@gmail.com


The information, opinion, view expressed here does not reflect the policy of editor or the blog. Anything published on this blog is with the intent and purpose to create awareness and stir debates and discussion on issues of human rights, environment, peace and social justice. One of the purpose is also to enrich and expand people’s knowledge about available resources. Our values are nonviolence, equality, tolerance, pluralism, no-discrimination, respect for culture, humanity and religion, philosophies, opinions and ideas. This blog has completely non-profit and is not responsible for views and opinions expressed by participants and contributors at this forum. Blog does not claim to verify the authenticity of the information contributed by the writer/contributors. Through this blog, you may be liked to other websites, for which this blog is not responsible nor this blog’s editor has control over these links and sites.

Thanks for your interest and cooperation. Your suggestion, criticism, advices and concerns are always welcome.Editor


  1. GOOD WORK …repoters ko dhamkani k baad editor bhe ban gai

  2. Dear Ali Palh,

    Have a very good day!

    Happy to visit your organization’s website and really it is very good effort of you and your team. Kindly add me in your contarct list and for future information. Great and and we do believe that One Day you will also recieve a great apprication and recognition of your hardworking and eforts.

    Best Regards

  3. Suhail Ahmed Umrani says:

    Hi Ali,

    Good to see your official website!

    You are doing very good fob rights of all, we wish you best of luck to you and your team.

    Suhail Umrani
    Admin CPCS

  4. abbas kassar says:

    Dear sirs,
    I intended to join and work for your organization. I am human rights activist and journalist. Presently reporter of Lahore Times and The Messenger Karachi and Sindhi daily Barsat. I am based in Badin and prepare report on human rights violations in especially Sindh each month. If you need my reports for your org. kindly leave a note at
    facebook/abbas kassar badinai
    92 3453585137

  5. abdul rahim channa (energy & environment) quest says:

    Dear sir;
    I’m student of final year, Energy and Environment Engineering Department, Quaied_e_Awam University of Engineering Science & Technology Nawabshah. Sindh Pakistan…
    Basically I’m form Distt: Khairpur (mir’s), Which is Interier Sindh.

    sir, I’m poor student of this university and my father is farmer by profession, as you already know that Sindh was under the super flood for short time but sir due to flood my home and whole crop which was the only source for study and also every material of home has gone through the flood, so it is now much difficult for me to continue my education in above mentioned institute now I’m completely helpless, so since I’m searching for stipends for my study as I may continue my study only one year remains so it is humble request you that please please help me if u can.

    sir many times i have applied for sana but nothing is from there side so please help me if u can

    I will ever remain thankful to u for this act of kindness.

    Hope You will respond me

    Name: Abdul Rahim
    S/o: Noor Muhammad Channa
    Roll# 09EE52
    E-mail: channa_rahim@yahoo.com
    Cell/: +923435333512

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