Sexual Minorities

  1. Gonzalo Colombres Garmendia , Argentina-LLM Boston College says:

    I would like to know why Mr. Soininem found his Chad experience quite frustrating and what did he expect of his mission in Chad? These are two questions in one, and therefore they are very connected. In other words, could Mr. Soininem be more specific?

  2. Liz Kenneth says:

    Can peacekeepers have their spouses or families with them during the mission? What is duration of an average mission?

  3. Varsha Narasimhan-India-Boston College Law School says:

    I agree with Mr. Soininen that peacekeeping is all about doing one’s job and a peacekeeper is out there to do his job and not to make an altruistic difference to the world. My question to you is there were reports in early 2010 of the Chadian government requesting the peacekeepers to move out so that the security forces of Chad could take control. Does this lack of support for peacekeeping show within the administrative folds of the government? Does peacekeeping still garner support among the people of Chad?

  4. Dan Horgan says:

    I very much appreciated reading the thoughts of Mr. Ilmari Soinin inen. Having served in an organization that in some ways does a good deal of peacekeeping without arms, I can see the many similarities that the two types of peacekeeping have.
    First and foremost that struck me is that indeed to some it will be a job, first and foremost, while to others there may alturistic goals. I believe this is very personal and probably varies quite a bit among individuals in both types of peacekeeping.
    The second thing that struck me is the clear and obvious need for support of the local population. This is very critical of course. The only I would add, at least about unarmed civilian peacekeeping, (especailly being done with the helpof locals) is also the importance of clear and undeniable acceptance of any armed force (or powers that direct such a force) that is subjugating or that has the power to subjugate a said local polulation. This acceptance is the corner stone of an unarmed civilain peacekeeping (as well as related INGO’s) said security policy.

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