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Journalists from Pakistan:

(journalists killed, murdered, assassinated in Pakistan)

This data is taken from the official website of Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) and shared to spread information among Human Rights Defenders (HRDs).

S# Name Locations Details
01 Zaman Mehsud Tank Daily Ummat+Nai baat
November 3, 2015
02 Arshad Ali Jafri Karachi Geo TV
September 8, 2015
03 Irshad Mastoi Quetta ARY News & Online International News Network
August 28, 2014
04 Ghulam Rasool Quetta Online Internationa News
August 28, 2014
05 Shan Dahar Larkana Abbtakk Television
January 1, 2014
06 Ayub Khattak Karak Karak Times
October 11, 2013
07 Aslam Durrani Peshawar Daily Pakistan
April 16, 2013
08 Mirza Iqbal Husen Quetta News network International
January 10, 2013
09 Saifur rehman Quetta Samaa
January 10, 2013
10 Imran sheikh Quetta Samaa
January 10, 2013
11 Saqib Khan Karachi Ummat
November 22, 2012
12 Rehmatullah abid Panjgur Dunya News+Intikhab
November 18, 2012
13 Mushtaq Khand Khairpur Dharti TV & Mehran
October 7, 2012
14 Abdulhaq Baloch Khuzdar ARY
October 7, 2012
15 Abdul qadir hajizai Quetta WASH Television
May 28, 2012
16 Razzaq Gul Turbat Express News Television
May 19, 2012
17 Mukaram Khan Shabqadar Freelancer
January 17, 2012
18 Javed Naseer Rind Khuzdar Daily Tawar
November 2011
19 Faisal Qureshi Lahore The London Post
October 7, 2011
20 Shafiuallah Khan Wah The News
June 17, 2011
21 Asfandyar khan Peshawar Akhbar-e-Khyber
June 11, 2011
22 Saleem shehzad Mandi bahauddin Asia times Online
May 31, 2011
23 Nasarullah afridi Islamabad PTV & Mashriq
May 10, 2011,
24 Wali khan Babar Karachi Geo TV
January 13, 2011
25 Pervez khan Ghalanai Waqt TV
December 6, 2010
26 Misri khan Hangu Ausaf & Mashriq
September 14, 2010
27 Ejaz raisani Quetta Samaa
September 6, 2010
28 Ejazul haq Lahore City-42 news
May 28, 2010
29 Azmat ali bangash Orakzai Samaa
April 17, 2010
30 Malik Arif Quetta Samaa
April 16, 2010
31 Ghulam rasool birhamani Wahi Pandhi Daily Sindhu Hyderabad
May 10, 2010
32 Janullah hashimzada Jamrud Freelance
August 24, 2009
33 Musa khankhel Swat Geo TV & The News
February 18, 2009
34 Tahir Awan Dera Ismail khan Freelance journalist
 January 4, 2009
35 Mohammad imran Dera Ismail khan Express TV
January 4, 2009
36 Abdul razaq johra Punjab Royal Television
November 3, 2008
37 Abdul Aziz Shaheen Swat Azadi
 August 29, 2008
38 Mohamad ibrahim Khar Daily express+Express TV
May 22, 2008
39 Sirajuddin Mingora The nation
February 29, 2008
40 Chisti Mujahid Quetta Akhbar-e-Jehan
February 9, 2008
41 Zubair ahmed mujahid Mirpurkhas Jang
November 23, 2007
42 Mohammad arif Karachi ARY
October 19, 2007
43 Javed khan Islamabad Markaz
July 3, 2007
44 Noor hakim khan Bajaur Daily pakistan
June 2, 2007
45 Mehboob khan Charsadda Freelance Journalist
April 28, 2007
46 Hayatullah khan Miran Shah Freelance Journalist
 June 16, 2006
47 Munir Sangi Larkana KTN
May 29, 2006
48 Allah noor Wana Khyber TV
February 7, 2005
49 Amir Nowab Wana Frontier Post and Associated Press Television News
February 7, 2005
50 Sajid tanoli Mansehra Shumal
January 29, 2004
51 Fazal wahab Mingora Freelance
January 21, 2003
52 Shahid soomro Kandhkot Kawish
October 20, 2002
53 Daniel Pearl Karachi The Wall Street Journal – WSJ
February 01, 2002
54 Sufi Mohammad Khan Badin Ummat
May 2, 2000
55 Z . A . Shahid Lahore Khabrain
January 18, 1997
56 Mohammad Samdani Warsi Karachi Parcham
December 6, 1994
57 Mohammad Salahuddin Karachi Takbeer
December 4, 1994
58 Abdul Wahab Ghalanai Express News
December 6, 2010
59 Muhammad Umar Dera Ismail Khan Daily dera News
January 16, 2016
60 Ijaz Mengal Khuzdar Daily Intekhab
February 14, 2014
61 Haji abdul razzaq Balcoh Karachi Daily Tewar
August 21, 2013
62 Mehmood Jan Afridi Kalat The daily intekhab
March 1, 2013
63 Malik mumtaz Miran shah GEO TV & News International
February 27, 2013
64 Aurangzeb tunio Lalu ranwak KTN
May 10, 2012
65 Muneer Shaikh Khuzdar Online News Network+Sabzbaat TV
August 14, 2011
66 Zaman Ibrahim Karachi Daily Extra News
 April 2, 2011
67 Abdost Rind Turbat Freelancer
February 18, 2011
68 Ilyas Nizzar Pidarak Dirwanth
January 3, 2011
69 Mehmud Chandio Mirpurkhas Awaz
December 5, 2010
70 Lala hameed baloch Turbat Daily Intekhab
November 18, 2010
71 Siddique Bacha Khan Mardan Aaj TV
August 14, 2009
72 Wasi ahmed qureshi Khuzdar Daily Azadi & Balochistan Express
April 16, 2009
73 Raja Assad hameed Rawalpindi The Nation + Waqt TV
March 26, 2009
74 Khadim Hussain Sheikh Hub Sindh TV & Khabrein
April 14, 2008
75 Mohammad Ismail Islamabad Pakistan Press International
November 1, 2006
76 Asadullah Karachi Freelance Journalist
September 1, 2001,
77 Nawaz zulfiqar memon Islamabad The nation
December 3, 1999
78 Carlos Mavroleon Peshawar Freelancer
August 27, 1998
79 Waqas aziz khan Karachi Express TV
January 17, 2014
80 Mohammad khalid Karachi Express TV
January 17, 2014
81 Ashraf Arain Karachi Express TV
January 17, 2014
82 Mohammad Amir Peshawar ARY television
September 21, 2012
83 Mohammad Sarwar Quetta Aaj TV
September 3, 2010
84 Miran Iqbal shah Peshawar Peshawar Press Club
December 22, 2009




Update on boy murder in the Religious Seminary of Badin

Zafar Rind, student of Maddresah Faizen-e-medina suspiciously got murdered in Maddresah Faizen-e-medina (religious seminary) of Badin.


picture of the victim


WhatsApp Image 2016-07-29 at 3.29.30 PM

Advocate Kaleem Mirza talking to the family of the victim

On July 29, 2016 Advocte Kaleem Mirza appeared before JM – I Badin court on behalf of complainant and put up plea that accused may not get away with the crime, they are involved in the murder of an innocent under age child, they strangled him. they also sodomized the child.

the legal team led by advocate Kaleem approached DSP Barkat Ali (Head of custody jail), for the progressive report.


Three accused jailed (two teachers & a student)

Remaining two Asghar Ali Rind (Assistant Head of Faizan-e-Medina) & watchman are under remand.

Chemical report is about to reach by 8/8/16, most chances of positive report.

1. SIP Khuda Bux Lund investigating murder case of the child.

2. Medical reports declared that it is a murder case rather than suicide.

3. Vakalatnama is signed by complainant.

4. IO will produce PC in next week.

5. Senator (religious affairs) Abdul Qayum Soomro directed police to co-operate with parents of victim child.

6. News clips, Pictures of place of incident and Vakalatnama scans are attached for the consideration.

7. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leaders creating pressure on police, they in fact intrude SIP Ibrahim Jatoi to assist Mr. Lund, to keep eye on report.

8. Father has requested to include the name of Asghar Ali (maternal uncle & assistant head of maddresah)

9. Memon community tried to access victim’s family to withdraw and compromise, But they refused.

Local media covered the news of “murder in a religious seminary”:

WhatsApp Image 2016-07-29 at 3.29.41 PM

local media covered the news of “murder in a religious seminary”



Legal Updates:

  1. FIR report
  2. Copy of Vakalatnama
  3. Copies of Postmortem reports


WhatsApp Image 2016-07-29 at 3.29.37 PM




WhatsApp Image 2016-07-29 at 3.29.33 PM

Picture of the Victim


Journalist from Sindh:

(journalist killed, murdered and assassinated in Sindh)

*This data is taken from the official website of Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) and shared to spread information among Human Rights Defenders (HRDs).

S# Name Location Details
01 Arshad Ali Jafri Karachi Geo Tv
killed on September 8, 2015
02 Shan Dahar Larkana AbbTakk Television
January 1, 2014
03 Saqib Khan Karachi Ummat
November 22, 2012
04 Mushtaq Khand Khairpur Dharti TV Network & Mehran
October 7, 2012
05 Wali khan Babar Karachi Geo TV
January 13, 2011
06 Ghulam Rasool Birhamani Wahi Pandhi – Dadu Daily Sindhu Hyderabad
May 9 or 10, 2010
07 Zubair Ahmed Mujahid Mirpur khas Jang
November 23, 2007
08 Muhammad Arif Karachi ARY television
Murdered on October 19, 2007
09 Munir Ahmed Sangi Larkana Kawish Television Network
May 29, 2006
10 Shahid Soomro Kandhkot – kashmore Kawish
October 20, 2002
11 Daniel Pearl Karachi The Wall Street Journal – WSJ
February 01, 2002
12 Sufi Mohammad khan Badin Ummat
 May 2, 2000
13 Mohammad Samdani warsi Karachi Parcham
December 6, 1994
14 Mohammad Salahuddin Karachi Takbeer
December 4, 1994
15 Waqas Aziz Khan Karachi Express TV
January 17, 2014
16 Mohammad Khalid Karachi Express TV
January 17, 2014
17 Ashraf Arain Karachi Express TV
January 17, 2014
18 Haji abdul razzaq baloch Karachi Daily Tawar
21 August, 2013
19 Aurangzeb Tunio Lalu Ranwak Kawish Television Network
May 10, 2012
20 Zaman Ibrahim Karachi Daily Extra News
April 2, 2011
21 Mehmood Chandio Mirpurkhas Awaz
 December 5, 2010
22 Asadullah Karachi Freelancer
September 1, 2001


*This data is compiled with the help of Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) and other resources.


WhatsApp-Image-20160722Sindh Human Rights Defenders (SHRD) regular meeting was held at on Thursday, 21st July 2016 at 2:30 at HANDS Office Hyderabad. Coordinator Sindh Human Rights Defender (SHRD) advocate Ali updated the participants on cases of Human Rights Defenders (Sabeen Mahmood, Khurram Zaki, Parveen Rehman and Saeed Baloch) and shared that SHRD along with PILER is closely following them.

Gallery  —  Posted: July 12, 2016 in News and Views

Gallery  —  Posted: July 2, 2016 in News and Views

RightsNow Pakistan facilitated an event on awareness of Disaster Prevention & Management with the full support of Office of the Deputy Commissioner Tando Allahyar in which Disaster Prevention & Management Kits provided by UNICEF were distributed among civil society organizations/individuals. Event was held at DC Office Tando Allahyar and participated by District Administration, Civil Society and other actors on disaster prevention. The event focused on how these awareness kits provided by UNICEF xan be utilized by the state, community for prevention and management of disaster. The individuals and representatives of selected organizations are asked/requested to use this literature based awareness material through various ways (presentations, workshops, write-ups, word of mouth, Khutba and seminars etc) and to promote the message and effort to UNICEF.

RightsNow Pakistan informed the selected kit receivers in the event on Monday (27 June 2016) that a follow up activity would also be conducted to report both UNICEF and District Administration.

Selection of Organizations/individuals received kits:

RightsNow Pakistan made its efforts to select the genuine participants who receive the awareness kit provided by the UNICEF. The candidates which included local NGOs, journalists, representatives of different organizations and others work closely with community and support community in both normal and disaster time.


ADC Mehwish Qalbani addressing the candidates at Disaster Awareness Kits Distribution Event


Cooperation of District Office:

District Commissioner (DC) Rasheed Zardari Sahib for extending full cooperation for this activity and Additional Commissioner Ms. Mehwish Qalbani, & Assistant Commissioner Ibrahim Almani for being present at the event and supporting the kit distribution process fairly.

Additional Commissioner Ms. Mehwish Qalbani and Assistant Commissioner (AC) Ibrahim Almani sahib also appreciated the efforts of RightsNow Pakistan for awareness of community on disaster prevention and management.

During the ceremony the interest of Ms Mehwish Qalbani and Ibrahim Almani was warm and encouraging which further encouraged the civil society actors came to receive kits.

Ms. Mehwish Qalbani requested the candidates to report on this awareness kits how they find the literature material, illustrations and message/awareness mentioned in the kits elements.

Later, Additional Commissioner Ms Mehwish Qalbani and Assistant Commissioner (AC) Ibrahim Almani distributed the Disaster Awareness Kits among the participants.

Miss Qirat Fatima, Program Assistant RightsNow Pakistan, Fida Chohwan Field Officer and Nadir Kalroo thanked to all participants and District Administration for their support and cooperation.

Highly appreciate the support of Human Rights Alliance & Imran Laghari UN OCHA in guidance.


In week time, civil society actors will conduct awareness session and report to RNP and DC Office. Report is sent to UNICEF.

NOTE: This activity is not part of any project or donor supported.
RightsNow Pakistan just facilitated it and all kits were given by UNICEF.
Thanks- RightsNow Pakistan

RightsNow PakistanSindh Human Rights Defenders, Center for Social Change, Human Rights Alliance, Progressive Lawyers Forum Sindh collectively welcome the statement and appreciate the practical step of Senate Advisory Panel & its functional committee on Human Rights for questioning the legal standing of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) and holding it responsible for the rising cases of violence against women across the country.