1. Abdul Rahim says:

    Dear sir;

    I’m student of 3rd year, Energy and Environment Engineering Department, Quaied_e_Awam University of Engineering Science & Technology Nawabshah. Sindh Pakistan…
    Basically I’m form Distt: Khairpur (Mir’s), which is Interior Sindh.

    sir, I’m poor student of this university and my father is farmer by profession, as you already know that Sindh was under the super fluid for short time but sir due to fluid my home and whole crop which was the only source for study and also every material of home has gone through the fluid, so it is now much difficult for me to get education in above mentioned institute now I’m completely helpless, so since I’m searching for stipends for my study as I may continue my study only one year remains so it is humble request please please help me if u can.
    I will ever remain thankful to u for this act of kindness.

    Name: Abdul Rahim
    S/o: Noor Muhammad Channa
    Roll# 09EE52
    Cell/: +923435333512

  2. This is for R; Ali palh, whom i knew very well , it might be he forget me ,,,,my name is ejaz ali bhatti we studied togather in mehran university,,,dear what were those days,,,i tried to contact with friends but unfortunately no one replies me,i am sure you will..

    ejaz ali bhatti

  3. Nawaz Arain says:

    Best wishes from Nawaz Arain…….

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