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If you are a lawyer and want to assist a human rights case without fee as a pro bono counsel for an affected/excluded/vulnerable individual/community, please join us by sending email to: or contacting to  0311 3650817 


After news of mysterious death of a child in Madarasah at Badin published in media- RightsNow Pakistan legal officer (LO) Advocate Kaleem along with his team reached the scene and met with parents/relatives of the deceased boy and found the facts and communicated Hyderabad office and decision to file vakalatnama/power and to provide legal assistance  was decided. Vakalatnama is by RightsNow Pakistan/Sindh Human Rights Defenders’ name.

PPP Senator’s support to affected family is highly appreciated. Legal support by till case is challaned. If bail of the accused filed then both Badin and Hyd team will be present to contest the case. Investigation Officer KBL investigating the case of the child and report of the doctor has also confirmed murder, not suicide.

Father of the murdered child has requested to include the name of one Asghar Ali (maternal uncle & assistant head of such madrasah).

There is pressure on the family of the child for withdraw the case and enter into the compromise.

RightsNow Pakistan and Sindh Human Rights Defenders team are following the case while Advocate Kaleem Legal Officer Badin is updating the SHRD group on daily basis.

RightsNow Pakistan & Sindh Human Rights Defenders demand action and investigation against increasing incidents of death which are being named as suicide however the available evidences show differently.







  1. mai phan (LL.M candidate Fletcher School- Veitnam) says:

    (1) Could you brief the main reasons that lead to the Darfur conflict ?

    (2) Your comments on the warrants issued by ICC against the former Minister of State for the Interior, Ahmed Haroun, and a Janjaweed leader, Ali Kushayb, for crimes against humanity and war crimes?

    • Abdelkhalig Shaib says:

      As to your first question, the following is the list of issues causing the deterioration:
      (1) Lack of institutions; that is, conflict resolution indigenous mechanisms were dissolved in Darfur.
      (2) The Sudanese government thought that the conflict could only be handled militarily, an attitude that is entirely wrong.
      (3) The signed Darfur Peace Agreement DPA in 2006 did not include all the military groups and therefore failed to achieve peace.
      (4) The international community itself was not keen to solve the issue, they failed to contribute to the Government endeavors and to pressure the rebel groups as well to engage in peace-talks.
      (5) The multiplicity of military factions, with all their diverse grievances and claims to be addressed has made it difficult for government to negotiate with all these groups.
      (6) The size of Darfur is as huge as the size of France.
      (7) Lack of candor and free exchange of ideas through democratic institutions and civil society activism.
      (8) Lack of the required intellectual resources to cater for appropriate modern conflict resolution skills, with adequate appreciation of techniques of human rights advocacy and observance.

      As to your second question, I can answer it briefly by saying that Under the customary international law, senior officials have immunity “ratione personae”. The ICJ in 2002 held that Belgium has violated the immunity of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Congo. The ICJ further pointed out the mere issuance of the arrest warrant is a violation for the personal immunity accruing to the senior official under the international law. However, the ICJ has listed exception for its decision.

  2. How true is that Ahmed Bashir is being victimized because he is muslim ruler and he is big hurdle in the way of west to the Sudanese oil and more inclined to the China?

  3. Varsha Narasimhan says:

    The result of recent referendum in favor of secession has conveyed the dissatification of Southern Sudanese with President Al-Bashir, policies of ruling party and rejection of Islamic rule (Sharia). Do you agree?

    In post secession/refrendum scenario, given the volatile situation in the country do you think North and South Sudan could come to a conclusion about the contested issues of oil revenue, the region of Abyei and citizenship?

  4. panhwar salahuddin says:

    very nice attempt, thanx Ali to provide this opportunity, i intend to join this group.salahuddin panhwar

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