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Robert Smith write to Jeff Jecoby in response to his article published in Boston Globe

Mr. J. Jacoby,
Happy birthday. DO you know that your birthday this year is a very important date on that misunderstood Mexican Calendar that ancient people made. You might want to “google” something about it for pure interest. Try “Myan Calendar explained” or ” Myan Calendar Feb. 10, 2011″.

On another note: Your fear of the Muslim Brotherhood is understandable. Around the world we hear of horrible punishments, truly barbaric, especially against women and gays. Yet it is strange that we have such fear in some minds in our country that people feel a need to outlaw “Sharia Law” and equate all Muslims with such actions that civilized people abhor.  As I watch the inevitable birth of a people’s self-determination I am humbled. I feel the sorrow of those who lost family members to martyrdom and root for their commitment to non-violence and full participation. In Egypt, from what I have seen and heard, I believe that the “Muslim Brotherhood” is a minority and many in that group have only joined that group due to the incredible oppression that most Egyptians have endured with the tacit and open support and benefit to powerful forces in our country. 

I am appalled at the extreme right fear mongering that has brainwashed so many people in my country. Many people deride our freely elected president for his religion and birthright. In a swirl of hate the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin snipe at any liberal thought. They appear jealous of true democracy anywhere else in the world and I think Dick Cheney, who helped himself and his family and co-business partners so well over 8 years of ratcheted-up power, shows his true colors choosing the status quo over a suffering populace. I think he and many others share the same disdain for poor and working people here.

We do not have a right to control or direct another country to benefit the few here who have a lock hold of our country and decide over and over that “trickle down” is the American way, no matter how consolidated wealth has gotten. It is your birthday and I decided to challenge you to have a more liberal view of what is transpiring in Egypt. Please, be on the right side of history and be able to feel good witnessing a birth of a foreign form of pure democracy.
Sincerely yours,

Bob Smith
“Minimum Wage Art”



  1. Abdul Rahim says:

    Dear sir;

    I’m student of 3rd year, Energy and Environment Engineering Department, Quaied_e_Awam University of Engineering Science & Technology Nawabshah. Sindh Pakistan…
    Basically I’m form Distt: Khairpur (Mir’s), which is Interior Sindh.

    sir, I’m poor student of this university and my father is farmer by profession, as you already know that Sindh was under the super fluid for short time but sir due to fluid my home and whole crop which was the only source for study and also every material of home has gone through the fluid, so it is now much difficult for me to get education in above mentioned institute now I’m completely helpless, so since I’m searching for stipends for my study as I may continue my study only one year remains so it is humble request please please help me if u can.
    I will ever remain thankful to u for this act of kindness.

    Name: Abdul Rahim
    S/o: Noor Muhammad Channa
    Roll# 09EE52
    E-mail: channa_rahim@yahoo.com
    Cell/: +923435333512

  2. Dear Mr. J. Jacoby,
    I hope you are well.
    I am chairman of ( Rights gets Through Fight) program,
    I am interested & want to work with you in District Badin Sindh Pakistan for the rights the local people of the area.
    Please guide me & send me Broucher & other printed material or monthly newsletter by post.
    Imtiaz Hussain Abro
    Rights Get Through Fight Program
    P.o Nindo Shaher 72250, District Badin Sndh Pakistan.

  3. sohnishams says:

    Honourable,Mr. Muhammad Asif Ali Zardari Sb,President of PakistanPresident House, Islamabad. Subject: APPEAL – FAMILY OF ARMY PERSON Most Honourable Sir, Most respectfully it is stated that I, Mst Sohni Bibi, Wife Army Number. 2393218 Naik/Clerk Shamas Ud Din, resident of House No. 766, Al-Quresh Housing Scheme Phase-II Sher Shah Road Multan, who have been serving in Pak Army for 14 years. On 20 October 2005 being innocent he had been dismissed from service by Commandant Punjab Regiment Centre Mardan. Honourable Sir, We have forwarded many applications explanation/ clarifications to our honourable higher authorities vide which it was undertaken/requested that he had not been involved in fraudulent case, neither any amount penalized by the Accountability Court nor any amount has been recovered from him. GHQ AG’s Branch has acknowledged all our correspondence vide their letter No. 4603/26/PRCPPA-5 dated 18 September 2007 directing us that no more applications in future be submitted to GHQ. All above is so much strange/surprised and astonished for us and also unable to understand that Why we have been restricted to cry for Justice and for our rights?. We have disappointed badly, and our worst circumstances have constrained me to knock at your door for justice. Honourable Sir, Inspite of providing all proofs/evidences/documentary support for innocence of my husband, no justice have been provided to us so far and no one looked into the very simple matter/case of innocence sympathetically/carefully keeping in view of difficulties to our family members/kids of army personal in respect of living hoods. Honourable Sir, We are a very poor family. Our old parents and younger kids are dependents upon my husband and after “Allah” our living hoods dependents upon his job. My husband had completed 14 years service in Pak Army and during his entire service his conduct sheet is neat and clean and had not been involved in any case or misconduct. Honourable Sir, We have perusing the case since last six years. After Allah, we hope that your good honour being CUSTODIAN of the ARMY and have a great mandate from the Nation to solve problems and grant relief to each Pakistani, would be kind enough to look into the matter (Taking personal interest and entertaining a TESTING/CHALLENGING CASE), very sympathetically/carefully and RE-INSTATE him on his service as on humanitarian grounds in Pakistan Army. If he is given an opportunity to serve the Pak Army once again, he will take a batter care and look after of his all dependents in a good manner praying you and your family forever. The appellant prays for your long life and family.Thanks and regards and oblige.Respectfully Yours, Mst. Sohni Bibi, Wife of2393218 Naik/Clerk Shamas Ud Din,House # 766 Al-Quresh Housing Scheme Ph-II,Sher Shah Road, Multan. Pakistan.
    e-mail. sohnishams@hotmail.com

  4. sek says:

    The SC bench headed by CJ has recently disqualified 11 lawmakers under Article 62 and Article 63 of the Constitution. The ECP has also annulled the assembly membership of the disqualified lawmakers in accordance with the SC’s judgment. The bench said that the lawmakers were being disqualified under Article 62 and Article 63 of the Constitution. The court moreover directed the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to initiate proceedings against the said lawmakers who it said had committed perjury with respect to their oaths. The court also ordered the government to withdraw the amount spent on the salaries and perks on the disqualified lawmakers from them and deposit the amount in the national treasury. In his ruling CJ said in his ruling that they could no longer be considered‘sadiq’ and ‘n

    Though I do not belong to a legal fertinity but it is very simple to understand that filing a false statement is a sign of dishonesty and may ultimately lead to disqualification of lawmakers. Now, it is a matter of fact that most of the lawmakers have also filed false tax returns incurring a heavy loss to government treasury. If the same principle applies on tax returns, the scrutiny of tax returns of our law makers will reveal eye-opening results. I as law abiding citizen would like to invite the freelance lawyers, who use to file cases on and off, on national issues and public interest, should come forward and save the nation from dishonest and sagacious persons.

    We all are duty bound to safe the interest of the nation. In our country many development projects and many basic needs are dependent on tax collection but unfortunately nobody pays the actual tax. They do pay meager amount as a token responsibility. Now time has come to bring honest leadership and parliament should play its due role and act as role model by first following the rules and then demand the nation to sacrifice. It’s also the responsibility of SC to take suo motto action and install a full power Commission to investigate this matter before the next elections so that nation could select honest persons to build a better and bright Pakistan.

    A Concerned Citizen

  5. sk says:


    On May 02, 2013, the Supreme Court on Thursday overruled Sindh High Court’s decision and barred PPP’s Murad Ali Shah from contesting elections from PS-73 Dadu in dual nationality case. A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, upheld the decisions of Returning Officer and Election Tribunal and declared SHC judgment null and void. The apex court disqualified Shah over his dual nationality. Last month, the Sindh High court allowed the candidate to run for the Sindh Assembly constituency.

    It was agreed that under constitutional provisions an adviser was like a minister.The chief justice said no denial had been issued on the report, especially on the issue of dual nationality. The post was of a sensitive nature and involved strategic security issues, he added.
    The additional attorney general admitted that the adviser should meet the prerequisites to become a member of parliament because he had to attend official meetings.

    On May, 2013, a seven-member provincial cabinet comprising of Manzoor Hussain Wassan‚ Makhdoom Jamiluz Zaman‚ Ali Nawaz Mahar‚ Dr. Sikander Mangro‚ Sharjeel Inam Memon‚ Mir Hazar Khan Bejarani and Nisar Khoro also took oath. Besides‚ Syed Murad Ali Shah has been appointed advisor to CM on Finance.

    No TV channel or anchor, either print or TV media, so far has raised this issue that why Murad Ali Shah has been allowed to work as Adviser, he is a proven holder of dual nationality. (Canada), an unconstitutional act should be condemned at all forums. You are requested to raise your concern against this constitutional violation. save the tax payers money.

    A concerned citizen.

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