WhatsApp-Image-20160722Sindh Human Rights Defenders (SHRD) regular meeting was held at on Thursday, 21st July 2016 at 2:30 at HANDS Office Hyderabad. Coordinator Sindh Human Rights Defender (SHRD) advocate Ali updated the participants on cases of Human Rights Defenders (Sabeen Mahmood, Khurram Zaki, Parveen Rehman and Saeed Baloch) and shared that SHRD along with PILER is closely following them.

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RightsNow Pakistan facilitated an event on awareness of Disaster Prevention & Management with the full support of Office of the Deputy Commissioner Tando Allahyar in which Disaster Prevention & Management Kits provided by UNICEF were distributed among civil society organizations/individuals. Event was held at DC Office Tando Allahyar and participated by District Administration, Civil Society and other actors on disaster prevention. The event focused on how these awareness kits provided by UNICEF xan be utilized by the state, community for prevention and management of disaster. The individuals and representatives of selected organizations are asked/requested to use this literature based awareness material through various ways (presentations, workshops, write-ups, word of mouth, Khutba and seminars etc) and to promote the message and effort to UNICEF.

RightsNow Pakistan informed the selected kit receivers in the event on Monday (27 June 2016) that a follow up activity would also be conducted to report both UNICEF and District Administration.

Selection of Organizations/individuals received kits:

RightsNow Pakistan made its efforts to select the genuine participants who receive the awareness kit provided by the UNICEF. The candidates which included local NGOs, journalists, representatives of different organizations and others work closely with community and support community in both normal and disaster time.


ADC Mehwish Qalbani addressing the candidates at Disaster Awareness Kits Distribution Event


Cooperation of District Office:

District Commissioner (DC) Rasheed Zardari Sahib for extending full cooperation for this activity and Additional Commissioner Ms. Mehwish Qalbani, & Assistant Commissioner Ibrahim Almani for being present at the event and supporting the kit distribution process fairly.

Additional Commissioner Ms. Mehwish Qalbani and Assistant Commissioner (AC) Ibrahim Almani sahib also appreciated the efforts of RightsNow Pakistan for awareness of community on disaster prevention and management.

During the ceremony the interest of Ms Mehwish Qalbani and Ibrahim Almani was warm and encouraging which further encouraged the civil society actors came to receive kits.

Ms. Mehwish Qalbani requested the candidates to report on this awareness kits how they find the literature material, illustrations and message/awareness mentioned in the kits elements.

Later, Additional Commissioner Ms Mehwish Qalbani and Assistant Commissioner (AC) Ibrahim Almani distributed the Disaster Awareness Kits among the participants.

Miss Qirat Fatima, Program Assistant RightsNow Pakistan, Fida Chohwan Field Officer and Nadir Kalroo thanked to all participants and District Administration for their support and cooperation.

Highly appreciate the support of Human Rights Alliance & Imran Laghari UN OCHA in guidance.


In week time, civil society actors will conduct awareness session and report to RNP and DC Office. Report is sent to UNICEF.

NOTE: This activity is not part of any project or donor supported.
RightsNow Pakistan just facilitated it and all kits were given by UNICEF.
Thanks- RightsNow Pakistan

RightsNow PakistanSindh Human Rights Defenders, Center for Social Change, Human Rights Alliance, Progressive Lawyers Forum Sindh collectively welcome the statement and appreciate the practical step of Senate Advisory Panel & its functional committee on Human Rights for questioning the legal standing of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) and holding it responsible for the rising cases of violence against women across the country.


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RightsNow Pakistan (RNP) & Human Rights Alliance (HRA) call upon the Pakistani Government to ensure security of refugees, extension of validity of the PoR (Proof of residency) cards for Afghan refugees currently residing in Pakistan. Pakistan is host to one of the world’s largest and most protracted refugee situations with approximately 1.5 million registered and about a similar numbers or more unregistered Afghan refugees, most of whom fled the Soviet invasion in 1979. We believe that in all these years that number has increased because many Afghans have been born, schooled, raised and married whilst residing in Pakistan.

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Today 4,Aug 2016 violence against women report





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SPARC (Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child) organized the Mango Gathering with Street Children with the collaboration of RightsNow Pakistan (RNP) at SPARC office.

The children enjoyed the Mango Celebration and kids from the age of five to thirteen shared their experiences with RNP members like how they used to spend their day at SPARC center and what they have learned yet?


kids at Mango Gathering

We found children happy while showing their arts and skills to visitors and happier when they were rewarded.

Most of them like to do coloring in their books. while a couple of them mentioned “they enjoyed the character play games more than the learning where they get to wear the different costumes of Superman and other characters.

These street children have immense potential but need is of resources to be spent on them. To save them from the clutches of vultures of society and equipping them with Education, Knowledge and Skills. Their skills need institutional support to furnish them.

There was a complaint in their eyes that they are not being taken care properly by their government and society.

The girls were equally happy to be a part of Mango Gathering and showed the RNP members the different Craft Work they have created.


girls learning art and craft skills

The girls introduced the different kind of skills they were learning and showed their colorful handmade work and diverse models of crafts they have made.

We are delighted to share that Ms Uzma Al-Karim has been appointed as advisor special with Ombudsman Sindh office for a period of one year. We are thrilled to hear the news. We also felicitate Mr Al Karim on Ms Uzma’s selection as an advisor.

This news comes as no surprise, of course, to any of us who are acquainted with Uzma’s work, skill and commitment. Provincial OMBUDSMAN office will soon discover how lucky they are to have her.

Being on our Board as a member, we feel proud on your achievement and believe that your selection as an advisor will further expedite the implementation of Anti-sexual Harassment Law in the province.

Congratulation Uzma Al Karim & Mr Karim on this achievement & success. Please accept our best wishes for your continued success.

Ali Palh Chief Executive
RightsNow Pakistan

Other members of BoD & Team

1. Ms. Razia Sultana Jonejo
2. Mr. Zulfiqar Halepoto
3. Ms Rubina Chandio
4. Mr. Krishan Sharma
5. Ms. Kami Sid
6. Mr. Imran Laghari
7. Mr. Sikandar Baloach
8. Dr. Ismail Kunbhar

Secretariat Team

1. Syeda Qirat Fatima
2. Mr. Nadir Kalroo
3. Shahid Babbar
4. Ms. Nahid Kaimkhani
5. Mr. Aijaz Bijarani
6. Advocate Inderjeet Lohano