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Valentines day, a day lovers devote to their beloveds. People celebrate this day to show love and affection. This day is celebrated with all the glow and glee all across the world from New York to Colombo.

I had chat with different experienced lovers who told me different reasons for the celebration of V-Day. According to them, V-day celebration cements relationship, shows how much you care about your love, partner. However, my personal view is that this day also exposes weak relationships.

Lovers use different methods to show their love. They show their love for their partners by giving candies, flowers, jewelleries or dinners. Some people think for celebration of valentine, one need money. But when I asked from a rich person whose expensive jewellery was rejected by his beloved said, “we can not buy love.”

Valentine’s day is falling on Monday, February 14, 2011. In order to know how different people are going to celebrate this day. I interviewed people from different walk of life and asked them following questions. Finally, few best practices are also added here for the guidance of people who would like to celebrate V-day.

Few Best practices:

  • Don’t be late for dinner or nay other V-day celebration. It is time to put your partner firt and avoid being late at all costs. Use your GPS or other resources for navigation to avoid getting lost.
  • Gift-depends what you partner likes-can be choclates, jewellery, flowers, personalised cards or a simple romantic expression of love by hug or kiss.
  • Take your partner to a place where you don’t go usually go.
  • Say something heart-touching to your partner which shows your strong love, commitment for your partner

I asked following questions from  people from different walks of life. Their responses are shared below:

Question: How are you going to celebrate your valentine’s day ? Any message for the day?

Question 2.How should/would you celebrate your valentine day if you are single?Any message for 14th Feb?

Question. How would you celebrate your valentine day if you are far from your partner? Any message for the day?

Aziza Mohummad replied:

1. Good food is essential.  Usually flowers make an appearance of some sort.  One time, I ended up at an orchid show.  Bubble bath?  Massages?  Whoa, you know so much now Love Doctor!  I really like playing games.  As lame as it may sound, a late night game of backgammon or chess is really nice.  At the end of the day, it’s about spending some time together and giving the one you love some attention isn’t it?  That can get pushed aside


with all the things we’re faced with these days.  Everything moves so quickly, especially with technology and communication facilitating unreal expectations on our ability to turn around tasks.   You can find yourself looking back weeks and weeks later asking, where did the time go?   Specific to Mr. O’Leary and I, Derek took me to a show, we’re having dinner on Sunday AND I’m making him a scrumptious dinner/dessert on Monday-if I can find a hand-mixer 😛
2.   What is single?  Hmm…I can’t actually picture not having at least a casual date on Valentine’s day.  But if I Was single, I imagine that I would host a party for all my single friends.

3.  There’s an old song with the refrain “when I’m not near the girl I love, I love the girl I’m near”.  That can easily be adapted to suit a lady singing about a man of course.  Of course, I would never do such a thing!  Hmmm, Option number 1, I would find a way to be with my partner.  Option 2 is have dinner via skype.

You set everything up like you’re going to have dinner with the person but do it virtually.  Cultural anthropology has shown that eating together is very very important to forming any sort of relationship with another human being.  In fact, if two people don’t eat together, they won’t actually be able to have any sort of meaningful bond.  It’s been evolutionarily determined to be so. To see how writers celebrate their V-day- We called RightsNOW Pakistan’s Board member and former KTN news caster. Sikander Balouch is based in US and work as a journalist.

Sikander Balouch

We asked him  what he is doing on V-day in Houston. Mr. Balouch said, ” Valentine Day is a good opportunity to show love and work on relationship.”He further said, valentine day to me is not only day for exchange gifts and giving choclate to beloved but showing long term commitment to your love.

Moline Yin from a Cambodian national based in Switzerland shared that this valentine she has no valentine but does not mean she will not celebrate lovers day. She will celebrate with same zeal and enthusiasm with her friends.

Moline Yin

Raja from Canada shared that V-day is not only for those who have someone but its day for all regardless of status. When I did not have one to show my love I still show my love to my friends. No matter if someone did not pick me as his/her love. He said his experienced has taught him that those who are scrambling to find someone by 14 February, should relax. Becca Nelson highlighted a very emotional aspect of Valentine day by sharing her views.

Becca Nelson

Becca- said pray for China if you are home single on Valentine’ Day.  She shared that,  “China has 37 million more men than women these poor men will never have a date for valentines day.” For more info visit

Danny Ahmed Karim and his wife Pratty Ahmed Karim’s views-  I use Valentine Day as opportunity to express my care and love to not only for my partner but also parents and kids says Danny Ahmed Karim who is running a boutique in Pukhet, beautiful beach area of Thailand. His wife Pratty Karim who shoulders her husband’s responsibility in running boutique called Valentine’s day ‘a family day’.

Danny A. Karim and Pratty Karim

Danny Ahmed Karim and his wife Pratty Ahmed Karim’s views-  I use Valentine Day as opportunity to express my care and love to not only for my partner but also parents and kids says Danny Ahmed Karim who is running a boutique in Pukhet, beautiful beach area of Thailand. His wife Pratty Karim who shoulders her husband’s responsibility in running boutique called Valentine’s day ‘a family day’.

Danny shared that in Thailand most of the couples go to wonderful places to celebrate this occasions and Pukhet is one of their choices. Pukhet, Thailand world-wide famous as a spectacular tourist destination for all type of guest including couples. M

Masooma Amiri from Afghanistan shared that Valentine’s Day is a day to express the feelings. An opportunity to express love for the beloved and spend a time together and further strengthen the relationship. Giving gifts to beloved, expressing love for  partner is a  best way to make the Valentine Day a memorable  day.

Suli- Colombo-Sri Lanka

The Valentine Day is on February 14 every year and is celebrated in several countries across the world such as Afghanistan; people are celebrating this day recently.

Suli from Sri Lanka said- “In my opinion love is something very special that should be celebrated everyday but then again with our busy lives it seems hardly possible.. so let’s try to at least give some meaning to it on a Valentines Day.

A boy being the perfect gentleman and sending me roses, chocolates with a sweet message at the beginning of the day will be quite romantic on V Day.. Some people think it’s too cliché to go through all that but I think it’s sweet and very nice of a person to go through all that just to show that he cares. A candle lit intimate dinner and a quiet walk on the beach will be a memory that a girl will cherish a lifetime.. What can I say.. I’m a born romantic and I love the old fashion silly ways of love..

Since I’m single this valentines I will go on a date with someone in the night and will enjoy my V Day.. Just because I haven’t found my soul mate as yet doesn’t mean I have to be miserable at home and envy other people.. Love comes and it might go away but if you give love another chance, love just might come back again to stay.. :)

Live, love and laugh till your tummy hurts… Because that’s what makes life beautiful.. The real treasures in life are little pleasures that cannot be brought for money.

Mir Baloch

So follow the rhythm and the song of your heart.. Happy Valentines to everyone.May God’s blessings and Love always be with you’ll.

Mir Baloch said he celebrates Valentines’ day very simply but seriously. He responded in a great persons’ words saying, “The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved. Through this forum I would like to say happy valentines to all. I will celebrate my V-day with my loved ones. Simply and quietly. I feel that every day should be a love day. Best wishes to you all said Julie wong from Kaula Lumpur Malaysia.

When we approached Mr. Gonzalo, an argentinian LL.M student at Boston College Law School and asked what he thinks about V-Day. Instead of response, Gonzalo raised the question that, “Why I have to read that declarations like “They have 37 million more men than women in China–these poor men will never have a date for valentines day”.  Do you really know how many women and men are on earth? Do the rest of the male population in China already have a partner? Do they have the chance to date girls from other parts of the world? How many of them will be dead before the age of 30? I don’t like statistics and I don’t like general assumptions! In matter of love, they are useless, totally useless. V day is an awful day for those who are single. Sometimes, an awful reminder of loneliness to singles. My girlfriend died in a car crash a time ago, so what the hell I’m gong to do in a day like this?

Gonzalo- Argentina

To think how miserable I’m now? To wait for a miraculous call from a girl freind that I have never received? Someone give me a break!! This is why I hate V- day. Besides, when you want a girl she doesn’t love you, and when she loves you, you don’t want her. So, my question is: in a world where people are afraid of people, what was left for romantic people, lonely romantic people? Please, could you please someone give me an honest and clever answer? Thank you!

Saima Fazlani has her own view about how to celebrate love. She partially shares the Julie Wong’s thought about love and express the idea of not to limit love to a single day but celebrate it every moment and every day.