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Update on boy murder in the Religious Seminary of Badin

Zafar Rind, student of Maddresah Faizen-e-medina suspiciously got murdered in Maddresah Faizen-e-medina (religious seminary) of Badin.


picture of the victim


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Advocate Kaleem Mirza talking to the family of the victim

On July 29, 2016 Advocte Kaleem Mirza appeared before JM – I Badin court on behalf of complainant and put up plea that accused may not get away with the crime, they are involved in the murder of an innocent under age child, they strangled him. they also sodomized the child.

the legal team led by advocate Kaleem approached DSP Barkat Ali (Head of custody jail), for the progressive report.


Three accused jailed (two teachers & a student)

Remaining two Asghar Ali Rind (Assistant Head of Faizan-e-Medina) & watchman are under remand.

Chemical report is about to reach by 8/8/16, most chances of positive report.

1. SIP Khuda Bux Lund investigating murder case of the child.

2. Medical reports declared that it is a murder case rather than suicide.

3. Vakalatnama is signed by complainant.

4. IO will produce PC in next week.

5. Senator (religious affairs) Abdul Qayum Soomro directed police to co-operate with parents of victim child.

6. News clips, Pictures of place of incident and Vakalatnama scans are attached for the consideration.

7. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leaders creating pressure on police, they in fact intrude SIP Ibrahim Jatoi to assist Mr. Lund, to keep eye on report.

8. Father has requested to include the name of Asghar Ali (maternal uncle & assistant head of maddresah)

9. Memon community tried to access victim’s family to withdraw and compromise, But they refused.

Local media covered the news of “murder in a religious seminary”:

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local media covered the news of “murder in a religious seminary”



Legal Updates:

  1. FIR report
  2. Copy of Vakalatnama
  3. Copies of Postmortem reports


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Picture of the Victim


SPARC (Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child) organized the Mango Gathering with Street Children with the collaboration of RightsNow Pakistan (RNP) at SPARC office.

The children enjoyed the Mango Celebration and kids from the age of five to thirteen shared their experiences with RNP members like how they used to spend their day at SPARC center and what they have learned yet?


kids at Mango Gathering

We found children happy while showing their arts and skills to visitors and happier when they were rewarded.

Most of them like to do coloring in their books. while a couple of them mentioned “they enjoyed the character play games more than the learning where they get to wear the different costumes of Superman and other characters.

These street children have immense potential but need is of resources to be spent on them. To save them from the clutches of vultures of society and equipping them with Education, Knowledge and Skills. Their skills need institutional support to furnish them.

There was a complaint in their eyes that they are not being taken care properly by their government and society.

The girls were equally happy to be a part of Mango Gathering and showed the RNP members the different Craft Work they have created.


girls learning art and craft skills

The girls introduced the different kind of skills they were learning and showed their colorful handmade work and diverse models of crafts they have made.