Meeting on media laws crime against women,sex abuse, abuse of child being chaired Federal Ministry of Human Rights at Ministry and online

Posted: September 29, 2021 in News and Views

Ali Palh Coordinator Sindh Human Rights Defenders Network

Focal person FMoHRs

Justice through media is seen justice by people/women and distrust on state institutions like police

  1. Improving function of forensic, FIA, police, prosecution, other institution
  2. Role of FIA for collecting evidence in hybrid crimes like rape through what’s blackmailing
  3. Legalaid to women and all citizens for justice
  4. Freedom of expression shouldn’t be curtailed in the name of fake news disinformation

6 role of Sindh human rights defenders network (SHRDN) in sharing information and verifying information

  1. Inclusion of UNSR in framing law on media and input of human rights defenders
  2. A what’sup group by Federal Ministry of Human Rights include four IG and all provincial commissions for information sharing, action etc.

9 Benazir income support program has reduced violence against women and librated women so more such program should be introduced through ahsas etc

12 awareness on how to share news information following media ethics

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