A delegate of human rights lawyers met with the Governor of Sindh Mr Imran Ismail

Posted: September 6, 2021 in News and Views

A delegate of human rights lawyers met with the Governor of Sindh Mr Imran Ismail at the Governor House on Thursday, September 2, 2021 and discussed on public issues, their resolutions through public interest ligations. The Governor.Sindh also hosted lunch in their honour.

The meeting was attended by the opposition leader Haleem Adil Shaikh and the advisor to governor Umeed Ali Junejo.

The delegate was comprising Barrister Murtaza Mahesar, Advocate Mumtaz Gopang, Advocate Anwar Kamal, Advocate Riaz Afandi, Advocate Wahab Baloch, Advocate Ajmal Solangi,Advocate Bhagwan Das Bheel, Advocate Altaf Malik, Advocate Faisal Mughal, Advocate Ahmad Rahseed and Advocate Ali Palh.

The delegate highlighted the increasing cases of human rights violations in sindh, security concerns of human rights defenders, policies regarding NGOs, and the delay in announcement of the members and chairperson of the National Commission for Human Rights a national watch dog on human rights and HRDs.

Delegate also raised issues of water shortage and issues of growers, growers, discussed current conflict in Judiciary on appointment of judges in the highest court of the court, toll tax issues faced by the general public by advocate Ali Palh Coordinator Sindh Human Rights Defenders Network (SHRDN).

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