RightsNow Pakistan & Civil Society welcome Senate Human Rights Committee stance

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Women Rights
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RightsNow PakistanSindh Human Rights Defenders, Center for Social Change, Human Rights Alliance, Progressive Lawyers Forum Sindh collectively welcome the statement and appreciate the practical step of Senate Advisory Panel & its functional committee on Human Rights for questioning the legal standing of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) and holding it responsible for the rising cases of violence against women across the country.

  1. Nasira abid says:

    We appreciate such sensible n sensitive lawyers who showd their worth by working n awaring against such violence.The platform of Rights Now Pakistan is always seems proactive in this regard .Their efforts in this regard are applaudable.

  2. kaleem Mirza says:

    Long live the King. Senate & NA too has to take more efficient steps to protect the social security of gender sensitization and also have together all human rights activists for a tough on female victimization, declining the threats to female in society.
    The step taken, may give some relief to women in Pakistani socio- economic platform. I appreciate Mr. Ali Pal & his team for taking bold stance either by table talk or by way street meeting, to highlight such trauma of our so called socialize community.

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