Congratulations Uzma Al Karim on your selection as an Advisor to Ombudsman Office

Posted: June 15, 2016 in News and Views

We are delighted to share that Ms Uzma Al-Karim has been appointed as advisor special with Ombudsman Sindh office for a period of one year. We are thrilled to hear the news. We also felicitate Mr Al Karim on Ms Uzma’s selection as an advisor.

This news comes as no surprise, of course, to any of us who are acquainted with Uzma’s work, skill and commitment. Provincial OMBUDSMAN office will soon discover how lucky they are to have her.

Being on our Board as a member, we feel proud on your achievement and believe that your selection as an advisor will further expedite the implementation of Anti-sexual Harassment Law in the province.

Congratulation Uzma Al Karim & Mr Karim on this achievement & success. Please accept our best wishes for your continued success.

Ali Palh Chief Executive
RightsNow Pakistan

Other members of BoD & Team

1. Ms. Razia Sultana Jonejo
2. Mr. Zulfiqar Halepoto
3. Ms Rubina Chandio
4. Mr. Krishan Sharma
5. Ms. Kami Sid
6. Mr. Imran Laghari
7. Mr. Sikandar Baloach
8. Dr. Ismail Kunbhar

Secretariat Team

1. Syeda Qirat Fatima
2. Mr. Nadir Kalroo
3. Shahid Babbar
4. Ms. Nahid Kaimkhani
5. Mr. Aijaz Bijarani
6. Advocate Inderjeet Lohano

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