Civil Society wants CII abolished at the earliest

Posted: May 29, 2016 in News and Views

Article 14 of the Constitution of Pakistan expressly prohibits torture, and its article 9 talks about security of person and its Article 4 recognizes right of every individual to be dealt with in accordance with law and to enjoy protection of law.  Article of Pakistani constitution talks about equality of citizens.

Besides, Pakistan is also signatory to UN Convention against Torture and degrading treatment and CEDAW which obliges Pakistan and its institution to fulfil its commitment made with international community.

Right not to be tortured is an absolute right and can not be suspended in any emergency.


Despite all legal and moral binding Pakistan’s state institution are openly expressing biases, prejudices against women and other vulnerable groups and communities and preaching of committing torture which is offence in national law and prohibited by international law.

Newly developed criminal law which talks about universal jurisdiction, under which any person commit tortures will be arrested anywhere in the world. No state or country will provide protection to person commits torture or involved in this practice.

Like other all religions, Islam also love,  peace, tolerance and .freedom of belief does not promote violence.

RightsNow Pakistan strongly condemn CII recommendations regarding light beating of women and demand its abolition. RightsNow Pakistan stands with civil society in its demand of disbanding CII.

Sindh Human Rights Defender (SHRD) also condemned such open invitation of violence upon women by any institution claims to be an state institution and constitutional body called CII. It should be disbanded immediately to show superiority of parliament, constitution and compliance of our religion.








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