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I was first exposed to exploitation within the lawyer community last year in August, after being enrolled as a lawyer at the Karachi Bar Association. I met with a typist named Mubarak Ali — who over a cup of tea — narrated a story about a lawyer and his intimate relationship with a client, who had come to him for the dissolution of her marriage. Lawyer: “Why do you want to dissolve your marriage?” Client: “He beats me up; makes me do all the housework for his family. He doesn’t help me financially in the upbringing of our children. I started stitching clothes and selling them in order to manage household expenses. When he is drunk, he sexually abuses me.” Lawyer: “That’s really sad. You are just like my sister and I’ll personally look into the matter. I usually charge Rs20,000 for such cases but since you are just like my sister, I will just charge Rs10,000.” Client: “Wakeel sahib, I stitch clothes to my pay bills. It’s hard for me to even arrange Rs10,000.” Lawyer: “For now, just give me Rs4,000. I have to rush for another case right now but meet me in the evening at my place and I’ll see what I can do.” Client: “Okay, but I’ll be late because I have to drop my son to his khala’s.” See: State of neglect: Closed eyes to sexual assault At his house, the lawyer ruthlessly told the woman to pay an additional Rs6,000 for dissolution of her marriage or grant him sexual favours. With no means of affording the fee, the woman succumbed.