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23-year-old transgender activist Alisha died at a northern Pakistani hospital, the Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) Peshawar on Wednesday after Alisha was shot and injured the other day. She was shot seven or eight times. The main reason of her death was delay in medical care which was denied on the basis of discrimination. Lady Reading Hospital, one of the largest medical facility of the province and where staff dithered over whether to place her in the ward for male patients or female patients. This attitude and prejudice against transgender in our country, its institutions reveals the status of transgender in our society and country.  The death of Alisha can not be attributed to wounds, injuries by bullets but to our attitudes which are anti -human and inhumane. Transgenders are not only victim on our society, other vulnerable groups like women citizens of different faith are also facing the same discrimination.

Transgender Alisha’s murder is not the first incident, before that at least five transgenders have already been attacked in recent months but culprits have not been held accountable which will further encourage these gangsters/criminals and make transgenders more vulnerable.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has become worse place for transgenders where as per report by transgender community representative published in media, 45 transgender had been killed in last two years.


Alisha at LRH

Transgenders in Pakistan does not enjoy equal rights, despite the highest court of the country (Pakistan’s Supreme Court) has enshrined equal rights for transgender people. Practically, as this incident showed, transgenders are being denied access to education, health, employment and both state and society is compelling transgenders to earn by begging, dance and sex.

We highly appreciate Trans Action – an advocacy  group that has been increasingly vocal in seeking equal rights for transgenders in the province. We stand with them and offer our full support in protection and promotion of rights of transgender community.

According to media sources: “The estimated number of transgender in KPK province at least is 45,000 and at least half a million nationwide.” Most of them live in harsh conditions, hired for dance at wedding parties. Others have little way to make a living, except through begging or sex.


We believe that transgender people are easily targeted because:

– They are considered physically weak.

– They have no social support.

They are facing issues and challenges of identity as in case of Alisha, hospital authorities were dithering whether to keep her in male or female patients.


Now they are getting NIC cards before they even didn’t had right to get NIC card which was denying them of their previous rights and creating security issues and threats for them.

Not only in KPK, but in Sindh and other provinces, they have same and common threats. “S” from Karachi told that any transgender speak against atrocities of gangsters/mafias they rape them in groups of 30 which is called a PACKAGE for transgender who disobeys them and their commands.

Constitution and other national laws offer them protection but when transgenders visit Government offices they are ridiculed there. “Z” shared even if transgender after 12-14 years schooling got to government office for applying for jobs, they are Ridiculed and Harassed.

Governments (both federal & Provincial) must implement quota of transgenders in jobs.


Vigil for Transgender Activist Alisha



SHRD & civil society members protesting for Transgender Alisha in Karachi



Sindh Human Rights Defenders (SHRD) Hyderabad members taking part in vigil for Transgender Alisha @ Press Club Hyderabad


SINDH HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDER (SHRD) also condemned the attack on Alisha and discriminatory attitude of the hospital where Alisha was taken for treatment but not admitted due to her orientation and identity.