Sindh Human Rights Defenders Condemns Ban on Jami Chandio’s entry into Punjab and restriction on delivering of lectures at various Universities is against the Freedom of Speech.

Posted: March 26, 2016 in News and Views

Ban on Jami Chandio’s entry into Punjab and restriction on delivering of lectures at various Universities is against the Freedom of Speech.alipalh001.jpg

Sindh Human Rights Defenders (SHRD) strongly condemn this act. Mr. Jami Chandio is a great writer, political analyst and erudite scholar from Sindh. The news has come through different paper and electronic media sources that the Federal Interior Ministry has imposed a ban on Mr. Chandio’s entry in Punjab and restrained him from delivering lecturers against ideology of Pakistan. Text of the document has not come to the surface yet but the news is very disturbing for the civil society who admire Mr. Jami Chandio since a very long time. He delivers lectures on history, federalism, democracy, human rights and other socio-political topics and builds capacity of youth, civil society members, journalists and academia.


We believe in freedom of expression and such news of ban on Jami Chandio’s entry into universities in Punjab and hence passing of an act by Federal Interior Ministry on issuing direction to the Sindh Government for taking action against Jami is intimidating common people.


We demand inquiry into this matter and call on the Federal Government to urgently withdraw any ban, if ordered, and thus ensure that Jami Chandio is safe and enjoys complete liberty to exercise his right to freedom of expression.

Human Rights Defenders are legal, legitimate actors in any country, their role in promotion and protection of human rights is appreciated. They assist state in its role of protecting rights.

Ali A Palh

Advocate High Court Sindh




Condemn abusive and threatening attitude of JUI Senator and his attempt to hit Marvi Sirmed

Sindh Human Rights Defenders (SHRD) slams assault by JUI senator on rights activist and columnist Marvi Sirmed during a TV show and calls for an action against the Senator Hafiz Hamdullah.

The JUI senator, Marvi Sirmed and Barrister Masroor and Fayyazul Hassan Chohwan were guest on a show aired by News One TV on Friday where women protection laws, crime against women and the role of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) were being discussed. Senator JUI used abusive language to Marvi Sirmed and assaulted her. This abusive & threatening attitude by a senator against women activists and attempt to thrash her during a TV show is shameful and condemnable. It shows lack of tolerance for difference of opinion and attack on freedom of expression.

We support the demand of civil society that, “The obnoxious language and threatening behavior used by JUI senator for a rights activist was deplorable and unacceptable & must not go unpunished.”  Senator said to Marvi:  “I won’t allow you to speak if you are supporting his words,” shows intolerance for other point of views. Other abusive language and sentence which cannot be repeated here, are strongly condemnable.

JUI senator is infamous for his bad temper and he has already threatened many guests during TV show but unfortunately he is still getting away with it.


Marvi Sirmed has filed an application against the senator and we demand a criminal case be registered before any investigation into the matter is done because threats and abusive language was aired and seen by the nation.  Few days ago the same type of incident happened in the National Assembly of Pakistan, country’s sovereign legislative body, where the sitting government’s senior parliamentarian Khuwaja Asif, who serves as Defence Minister of Pakistan with the additional role as Minister of Water and Power used abusive language against a women MNA and addressed an opposition party’s peer as a “tractor trolley” and said she should work on making her voice more feminine.

Pakistan is party to the international Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) has an obligation to ensure elimination of all acts of discrimination against women and such treatment of women inside Assembly and outside is a disregard of the convention and also violation of Article 25 of the Constitution of Pakistan talks about equality of all citizens before law and equal protection of law. We endorse the demand made by all activists and lawmakers called for cancellation of membership of Senator Hafiz Humudullah and Minister Khuwaja Asif and call for legal action against them.

Sindh Human Rights Defenders


We appreciate Marvi Sirmed courage and decision of registering FIR against Hafiz Hamdulah, Senator JUI. We appeal police to enforce the law and arrest the accused.


Sindh Human Rights Defenders follow the case.


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