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Ban on Jami Chandio’s entry into Punjab and restriction on delivering of lectures at various Universities is against the Freedom of Speech.alipalh001.jpg

Sindh Human Rights Defenders (SHRD) strongly condemn this act. Mr. Jami Chandio is a great writer, political analyst and erudite scholar from Sindh. The news has come through different paper and electronic media sources that the Federal Interior Ministry has imposed a ban on Mr. Chandio’s entry in Punjab and restrained him from delivering lecturers against ideology of Pakistan. Text of the document has not come to the surface yet but the news is very disturbing for the civil society who admire Mr. Jami Chandio since a very long time. He delivers lectures on history, federalism, democracy, human rights and other socio-political topics and builds capacity of youth, civil society members, journalists and academia.


We believe in freedom of expression and such news of ban on Jami Chandio’s entry into universities in Punjab and hence passing of an act by Federal Interior Ministry on issuing direction to the Sindh Government for taking action against Jami is intimidating common people.


We demand inquiry into this matter and call on the Federal Government to urgently withdraw any ban, if ordered, and thus ensure that Jami Chandio is safe and enjoys complete liberty to exercise his right to freedom of expression.

Human Rights Defenders are legal, legitimate actors in any country, their role in promotion and protection of human rights is appreciated. They assist state in its role of protecting rights.

Ali A Palh

Advocate High Court Sindh




Condemn abusive and threatening attitude of JUI Senator and his attempt to hit Marvi Sirmed

Sindh Human Rights Defenders (SHRD) slams assault by JUI senator on rights activist and columnist Marvi Sirmed during a TV show and calls for an action against the Senator Hafiz Hamdullah.

The JUI senator, Marvi Sirmed and Barrister Masroor and Fayyazul Hassan Chohwan were guest on a show aired by News One TV on Friday where women protection laws, crime against women and the role of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) were being discussed. Senator JUI used abusive language to Marvi Sirmed and assaulted her. This abusive & threatening attitude by a senator against women activists and attempt to thrash her during a TV show is shameful and condemnable. It shows lack of tolerance for difference of opinion and attack on freedom of expression.

We support the demand of civil society that, “The obnoxious language and threatening behavior used by JUI senator for a rights activist was deplorable and unacceptable & must not go unpunished.”  Senator said to Marvi:  “I won’t allow you to speak if you are supporting his words,” shows intolerance for other point of views. Other abusive language and sentence which cannot be repeated here, are strongly condemnable.

JUI senator is infamous for his bad temper and he has already threatened many guests during TV show but unfortunately he is still getting away with it.


Marvi Sirmed has filed an application against the senator and we demand a criminal case be registered before any investigation into the matter is done because threats and abusive language was aired and seen by the nation.  Few days ago the same type of incident happened in the National Assembly of Pakistan, country’s sovereign legislative body, where the sitting government’s senior parliamentarian Khuwaja Asif, who serves as Defence Minister of Pakistan with the additional role as Minister of Water and Power used abusive language against a women MNA and addressed an opposition party’s peer as a “tractor trolley” and said she should work on making her voice more feminine.

Pakistan is party to the international Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) has an obligation to ensure elimination of all acts of discrimination against women and such treatment of women inside Assembly and outside is a disregard of the convention and also violation of Article 25 of the Constitution of Pakistan talks about equality of all citizens before law and equal protection of law. We endorse the demand made by all activists and lawmakers called for cancellation of membership of Senator Hafiz Humudullah and Minister Khuwaja Asif and call for legal action against them.

Sindh Human Rights Defenders


We appreciate Marvi Sirmed courage and decision of registering FIR against Hafiz Hamdulah, Senator JUI. We appeal police to enforce the law and arrest the accused.


Sindh Human Rights Defenders follow the case.

Minority005The Sindh Government has announced that March 24 will be a public holiday in the province on account of the Hindu festival of Holi.

We know, in past, only the Hindu community was given a holiday on Holi but this the first time Holi has been declared a public holiday anywhere in Pakistan.

We appreciate National Assembly appreciate which adopted a resolution for declaring Holi, Diwali, and Easter as holidays for our brother and sisters citizens of different faith and for us as well.

In this regard, we appreciate Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani (PML-N) who moved the resolution, “This house is of the opinion that government should take steps to declare Holi, Diwali and Easter as closed holidays for minorities.” can be read at

Apparently it seems a small step but practically its impact will be far reaching for democracy, human rights and Governance and over all society. It will send message to our our brother & sisters of different faith that in Pakistan they have equal rights, space, and security as other citizens.


Had this initiative come by Ministry of religious affairs, it would have given even stronger message to citizens of Pakistan belong to different faith. However, their reluctance in National Assembly was not hidden from common citizens.

This decision by the Government of Pakistan will help improve Pakistan’s image at international level  where it was already in discussion that if Muharam’s particular dates are holidays in India then why not Holidays in Pakistan on Easter, Holi and other sacred occasions.

RightsNow Pakistan Chief Advocate Ali Palh congratulate Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani (PML-N) for his perosnal efforts in this regard, National Assembly Speaker, all NA members and whole Pakistani nation.







Justice For Jai Mala

Posted: March 17, 2016 in News and Views


RightsNow Pakistan appreciates SSP Umerkots efforts regarding Jai Mala’s case. Mr. Rukhsar Khawar, SSP Umerkot has taken notice of the case and has appointed DSP as investigation officer.jaimala0010.jpg

We hope DSP will conduct fair investigation and help bring truth regarding the incident.

Please send appreciation message to SSP Khawar at   0333 3349598 (Please dont make calls which can disturb the official on duty).


Razia Sultana Jonejo/Ali Palh

Are we allowing predators to take lives of our innocent daughters and sisters by not reporting the crimes and taking legal actions?

Her name was Jai Mala. A 24 years young beautiful woman from Kuneri Sindh who lost her life after 95% of her body was burnt. Nobody took responsibility of what actually happened to her; her father in law gave contradictory information about the incident: One that said she had an argument with her mother-in-law and after refusing to apologies for her husband, in anger, she set herself on fire and the other claims that incident took place whilst she was cooking. That a gas cooker blast was the cause of her death.

However, her brother Dr. Rajesh says that her in-laws have murdered her by setting fire on her. He also said there were issues in the family but did not realise that they were fatal. He demanded justice with a full investigation about this matter.

According to the newspapers, no case been filed yet. Her body was cremated (agni-sanskar) without a postmortem. It seems that before the cremations, police did try to intervene however after talking to the family of Jai Mala; it went ahead without postmortem investigation. A report to police should have been made and fair investigation should have been taken place.

Every other day we are hearing horrific incidents like this. These cases will not stop until legal prosecutions do not take place. The government should make independent investigations and bring the justice to the victims of these crimes. We need to raise awareness that before being a mother, daughter, sister, and or all named relationships she lives within, women are human beings and they have the right to live life without any fear of harm to their lives.


Even for arguments sake, we find out that Jai Mala took her own life, then it is a grave tragedy that she was trapped in a situation. Why did she not go to her family for support to get out of the situation? Why would she take her own life away? There should be places in the communities where women can seek advice and be able to talk about their situation confidentially. The young people like her need a lot of support and information on how to seek support when they have feelings of despair. We should not let our beloved daughters, mothers, and sisters to suffer in silence.

We RightNow Pakistan strongly condemn such killings and call for action, a action by the state even if father, mother, brother and other relatives are not ready to make complaint. Being a custodian, rights protector, State MUST take responsibility, be a guardian and file case against the responsible so deterrence is created in the society and no one dare to precious life of another human being.

We request all the readers, actors, concerned citizens to write following state officials about this incident and call for action.






  1. Mr. Mian Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister

Prime Minister House



Fax: +92 51 922 1596

Tel: +92 51 920 6111+92 51 920 6111




  1. Mr. Syed Qaim Ali Shah

Chief Minister of Sindh

The Government of Sindh Province

Karachi, Sindh Province


Fax: +92 21 920 2000



  1. Mr. Sohail Anwar Khan Siyal

Minister for Home

Government of Sindh

Barrack 79, Pakistan Secretariat

Near MPA hostel

Karachi, Sindh Province


Fax: +92 21 9204456

Tel: +92 21 9201920-1




  1. Mr. Tahir Shahbaz


Supreme Court of Pakistan

Constitution Avenue, Islamabad


Fax: +92 51 9213452



5.. Chief Justice of Sindh High Court

High Court Building

Saddar, Karachi

Sindh Province


Fax: +92 21 9213220




  1. Justice (Rtd) Majida Razvi

Chairperson, Human Rights Development

Government of Sindh

Barrack number 92 Sindh Secretariat

  1. B, opposite to Sindh Assembly Building



Tel: +92 21 99207042-43

Fax: +92 21 99207044




7.. A.D. Khuwaja

Inspector General of Police, Sindh province

Police Head quarter I.I Chundigar road












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IHRDear IHRP Graduate,

As a graduate of the scholarships

we are seeking your assistance to please inform those within your network who may be interested in graduate level studies in the fields of human rights and peace.

The Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies (IHRP) at Mahidol University in Thailand is pleased to announce the Call for Applications for the 2016/2017 Academic Year for the Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific) (MHRD Program). The MHRD partnership, which has been running for six years from the University of Sydney, will now be hosted at the IHRP from the 2016 academic year. The degree has contributed much to the capacity of emerging leaders in the Asia Pacific region who protect and promote human rights and democracy. The university partners are Ateneo de Manila Law School (the Philippines), Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia), Kathmandu School of Law (Nepal), The University of Colombo, Centre for the Study of Human Rights (Sri Lanka), and The University of Sydney (Australia) (non-teaching status).

The program will cost approximately €6,000 but there will be 20 scholarship opportunities for applicants from the Asia Pacific region.

Designed for early to mid-career professionals and highly motivated undergraduates, the MHRD is tailored to people working in human rights and democratisation professions: governmental, non-governmental and international organisations, education, the police or military, business and other fields where human rights perspectives are critical.

Many of those coming into the degree will already be working in the field of human rights, democratisation or related sectors such as development, peace, humanitarian, democracy, and environment. It is anticipated that the research and advocacy skills, as well as the expanded knowledge base that students will acquire through the degree will significantly assist them when working in the internationalized context of rights and democracy. Graduates will be qualified to work in policy, advocacy and research positions in non-governmental, governmental and inter-governmental organisations.

Further Information:
To learn more about the programs, application requirements, and scholarship eligibility visit our website at:

Application Deadline:
First Round of Applications Deadline 1 April 2016: Scholarship applicants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, PNG, Pacific Islands, must apply for this round (this is due to length of visa application process). In this round, applicants will be notified by 30 April 2016.
Second Round of Applications Deadline 27 May 2016. All other applications. In this round, applicants will be notified by 3 June 2016.

For your convenience, we have attached promotional materials on the Call for Applications to post/share with others.

Kind regards,

Bruce Amoroto
Outreach Assistant
MHRD Asia Pacific Program 2016 Intake