My New Year Resolve: Get Ready the Best is yet to come!

Posted: December 31, 2014 in News and Views

New year is best opportunity to leave the past behind and mover forward. This year is going to give me a chance to start fresh with a renewed sense. While making new resolution and writing this I have decided to ensure that the resolution, am making, should be realistic and achievable.

This year, I will be slightly less useless, more productive. I am making this resolution that I hope I will bring change in my people’s life for the better and will contribute to increase the level of protection of vulnerable communities, excluded people and group and work for the better protection of human rights particularly women, LGBT, and citizens of different faith.

-Will help my family to further improve farming and modernize PALH AGRICULTURAL FARM.

-Will teach International Criminal Law, Law of Evidence, and Constitutional Law.

-Will complete task on minority and refugee rights manuals

– Will Conduct trainings on judges, police, lawyers, NGOs and youth on human rights and gender.

– Will focus on five already adopted five schools of UC Pak Singhar and increase five more for better education for both girls and boys.

– This year will spend more time with my family, and children (nieces and nephews) and friends.

This year, will not tell everything to everyone and maintain more mystery and focus more on health and rest.

I know it is fun to make resolution but it is difficult to maintain. But 2014 has proved that my resolution was accomplished and difficult task were dealt by me with dare and discipline. I earned respect in teaching and practice and got lot of new friends and family members.

I am sure new year will bring gender equality, the best protection of human rights, high level protection of citizens of different faiths, orientations ideologies and offer more opportunities for us and all international citizens. I also hope this year will also be proved good for my all brother and sisters who are in exile, seeking asylum on genuine grounds, seeing refuge from threats, and those who are stateless. I also pray for safe, secure, peaceful Pakistan and globe which is more sustainable, developed and just.

I am sure year 2015 will end corruption and immunity.

Happy New Year to ALL.

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