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Human rights internships at the INFORM Human Rights Documentation Centre 

Colombo, Sri Lanka 

 If you are energetic and want to gain practical experience in human rights activism, research and advocacy, INFORM 
Human Rights Documentation Centre invites you to join us as an intern. This internship offers rich human rights experience in a dynamic environment.  

Internship will give you an opportunity to: 

• Researching and supporting writing of manuals on human rights 

• Setting up two blogs 

• Assist in human rights documentation, research, filing complaints to domestic bodies and UN 

• Join field visits to different parts of Sri Lanka to meet with victims of human rights violations 

• Participate in trainings, external meetings, seminars, cultural and other events 

• Learn about domestic and international human rights law and protection mechanisms 

• To develop and work on your own areas of interest

For whom: 

• Students, under-graduates, graduates and others with research, writing / editing skills in English, 

• Basic computer skills such as Microsoft word, excel, power point, navigate internet and setting up blogs 

• Flexible, able to adjust to local basic living and working conditions 


• The period can vary from a minimum of one month to six months, starting as soon as possible 


• Internships are voluntary and interns are expected to raise their own funds.  Intern will receive logistical support with cultural orientation, locating suitable housing, etc. 

How to apply: 

• Send a letter explaining why you are interested in an internship along with your bio-data and names, email and phone contacts of three references to 

• Please indicate your interests, skills, experiences and include a writing sample 

• Interns will be selected through a process of interviews / correspondence 

About INFORM: 

INFORM was established in 1989 to monitor and document human rights situation in Sri Lanka, especially in the context 
of the ethnic conflict and war, and to report on the situation through written and oral presentations at the local, national 
and international level. While a strong focus was on the conflict, INFORM also focused on working with other 
communities whose rights were frequently and systematically violated, such as women, Tamils working in tea estates in the 
hill country, people living with HIV aids, gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual communities, sex workers etc. This work, 
involving raising awareness about rights of these people and advocating for their rights, including policy change, was 
carried out in close collaboration with human rights groups focusing and specializing on these rights. INFORM also 
carried out trainings and served as resource persons / facilitators for number of local, national, regional (Asian / South 
Asian) and international human rights trainings. INFORM also participated in national, regional and international 
campaigns, conferences and was often invited as speakers to make presentations. Presently, INFORM has focused on 
freedom of expression and human rights defenders. INFORM is based in Colombo Sri Lanka, and works closely with 
local activists, groups and networks as well as regional (Asian) and international human rights networks.