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4th January is remembered as one of the darkest days of Pakistan history when a daring, decent, liberal, honest politicians and the serving governor of punjab was shot dead by his own police guard, who belonged to a islamic group. Taseer was killed by his guard because the guard did not agree with what Taseer said and believed. Taseer beleived in freedom of expression, freedom of religion, equality of citizens, co-existence of citizens professing different religions. This is what supreme law of Pakistan, constitution of the country says in its article 25, 9 and others that all citizens are equal and they deserve equal protection of law. No one will be discriminated against on the ground of his/her color, caste, creed or other ground. This is what Islam teaches us. Taseer was the true practitioner of Pakistani constitution, who stood not only for the protection of rights of religious minorities but for the rights of silenced and unarmed majority whose right to freedom of expression and other rights are in danger.

Taseer stood against the law which has not only made religious minorities into insecurity, fear and terror but also now every dissenting voice is under threat from these laws and extremism. On 5th January 2011 we lost Salman Taseer, a bold, decent, honest, liberal politicians who stood for our rights and liberty. Today is 31st May, birthday of Taseer whom we miss a lot- we all who call ourselves moderate, liberal, civilized citizens of Pakistan say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TASEER and remember him as an UNAFRAID AND UNBOWED leader of Pakistan. Our thoughts with his family and prayers for the departed soul. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALMAN TASEER