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Karachi is choking with serious traffic jam. This is a serious issue faced by Karachites. I have observed most of our karachites friend talk about this issue and share their suffering but hardly any play his/her role in reducing that problem. Yesterday while I was coming out of High Court Karachi, saw this lady was busy in traffic management. She had one whistle hanging in her neck, one stick and high level of confidence. I was amazed to see how she was performing her duties a concerned citizen. She is not only taking high risk of being struck by passing vehicle but also bearing fatigue. As a token of appreciation, I took her picture and saluted her. She returned salam and said “Thank you sir.” She does this so we all could travel easily with comfort. Wish
Ardeshir Cowasjee were alive today and could have seen her doing this.These are the roles, Cowasjee use to ask everyone of us to play in the society.

Those who measure woman empowerment, may have different indicators like performance of a woman in playing her role in professional, technical, managerial jobs or in parliament. To me this is the best example of woman empowerment, civic sense, patriotism and good and responsible citizenry.

Hope we all will follow her and do something good in the society for collective good. Also, don’t forget to appreciate her when you pass through that road.