RightsNow Pakistan & prison police department agreed to conduct capacity building workshops for prison police

Posted: January 30, 2014 in News and Views

Press Release: RightsNow Pakistan Chief Executive, advocate Ali A Palh visited Nara jail and did need assessment of capacity building of prison police. Mr. Palh recommended human rights course, nonviolent-communication, and gender, Pakistan Penal Code, General Assemblies Guidelines on prisoners, Criminal procedure and other course related to police deployed at prison. Mr. Palh was of the point of view that our policemen/women are not robots; 


they are human beings.They listen what we tell them, they learn what we teach them, they act on what we ask them to apply in their fields. Better trained police can strengthen rule of law, law enforcement and can protect society and community well. RightsNow Pakistan and Prison Department agreed to conducted training for prison police and organize a monthly/fortnightly workshop for police from February. Mr. Palh thanked to Mr. Nusrat Mangan, IG Jails and Shahnawaz Sand SP, principal Nara Jail Institute and other team members for their efforts and extra-ordinary cooperation. Images

Mr. Palh highlited the needs of police personals work in a very stressful and hard environment on a very low salaries. We must respect them and their social needs and provide them full support.Their salaries must be increased and their work hours must be according to national and international standards.

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