Condemn attack on Journalists in Karachi

Posted: January 17, 2014 in News and Views

RightsNow Pakistan condemns growing attacks on journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders work for the protection of rights in Pakistan. Both state and non-state actors are accused in activities of harassing defenders. Firing in front the house of a human rights defender, Ansar Barni, then a killing of a Journalist, Shan Dahar and after that now killing of three workers of Express TV news has made human rights defenders, working on human rights and protection of freedom of speech, feel insecure and threatened. In these circumstances, the State authorities does not seem in position to protect citizens as well as human rights defenders from attacks of non-state actors. In this situation, international organizations and human rights defenders networks, will have to support Pakistani human rights defenders in making systems help improve their security. Through trainings and workshop, journalists, lawyers and administration staff of organization can be trained so the organization as well as individual design security plans and improve security of their staff. 

The Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah has condemned the attack and has taken action. However, it is now known what type of action has been taken and what will be redresssal impact of the action of Chief Minister of the province on the security of journalists, human rights defenders and common people in future.   

Current security arrangements made by the media organizations and human rights defenders are not sufficient to cope with the threats.

RightsNow Pakistan has urged the State to take its responsibility of protection of citizens, journalists and human rights defenders. However, in the statement, during our meeting and discussion with journalists, we have urged them to design  their effective security plans and proper assessment of the risk and threat.

RightsNow Pakistan has offered its services for conducting training with media organizations, press clubs, journalists groups, and lawyers on protection and security of human rights defenders. First workshop, it is being held tomorrow, on 18th January, 2014, Saturday at Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Hyderabad. 


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