Nonviolent Action Against Altaf Hussain on his Statement/demand for Division of Sindh

Posted: January 6, 2014 in News and Views


Memorandum to British High Commission presented by Sindhi writers Against Altaf Hussain 

Memorandum to BHC against Altaf Hussain

January 7, 2014 at 12:01am

His Excellency                                                                                                    6thJanuary 2014

Deputy High Commissioner

The British Deputy High Commission, Karachi


Memorandum presented by “Sindh Writers and ThinkersForum” a representative Forum of writers and intellectuals of Sindh

His Excellency,

We, the writers and intellectuals of Sindh would like toexpress our serious concern on the recent speech of a British citizen Mr. AltafHussain. The venomous speech is a blatant assault on sovereignty of Sindh andPakistan. He has threatened division of Sindh and Pakistan in open words. Thisis not the first time that this British citizen has issued such statements. Mr.Hussain has continuously been issuing similar statements/speeches and has beenexpressing his disrespect for Sindh and Pakistan. He has also been incitingviolence in Pakistan through his inflammable speeches. Citizens of Pakistan andSindh take such speeches as an affront and strongly condemned such statements.

It is highly unfortunate that British Government has beencontinuously ignoring such attitude of its citizen who himself and his ethnic partyhas been involved in acts of terrorism. Notorious terrorists belonging to hisparty have been arrested by the law enforcement agencies and they have madestartling confessions of perpetrating acts of terrorism under the directives ofthe party leadership. It is surprising that while British Government is part ofglobal war against terrorism, its own citizen and his party is openly involvedin acts of terrorism and inciting violence publically. This silence of BritishGovernment is a matter of concern for the people of Pakistan. Citizens ofPakistan and Sindh would justifiably hold British Government responsible if Mr.Hussain and his party unleash a new wave of terror and bloodshed in Sindh.

Sindh Writers and Thinkers Forum-through your honorableoffice-demands from the British Government to take serious notice of the recentspeech of Altaf Hussain. It is constitutional and moral obligation of the British Government to take legal action against its citizen who is responsiblefor inciting violence and terrorism in Pakistan. On behalf of Sindh Writers and Thinkers Forum

  1. Engr Zohaib Jarwar says:

    Good effort may you be successful

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