Condemn the Killing of a a Journalist and demand an inquiry of the killing and compensation for the family

Posted: January 1, 2014 in News and Views

Shan Dahar, bureau chief of a TV Channel Aab Tak was killed in a attack on new year night when he was buying a medicine from a medical store nearby press club and bullet pierced his back. Image

Dahar was rushed to the hospital but where fighting for his life for several hours but unfortunately due to lack of emergency medical treatment he succumbed to his injuries. Question arises who killed Shan Dahar? Apparently his killing is confused with the new year celebrations.  However the detailed look into the career and background of journalist reveals that he had fought against the drug dealers and criminals in the locality.

The real cause of his death is still not found by the law enforcement authorities which can be materialization of threats, he used to face due to his work. Killing of Shan Dahar in this way on new year eve can also indicate a conspiracy by the drug dealers, and other actors who were disturbed by Shan’s reporting and journalistic duties.

Killing Shan on new years night can also be one of the patterns used by enemies. This incident shows the weakness of law enforcement agencies and weakness of justice system which will definitely encourage the perpetrators to kill journalists, human rights defenders. RightsNow Pakistan condemns the killing of Shan Dahar and demand an impartial and independent inquiry into the killing and compensation for the aggrieved family.

RightsNow Pakistan’s focal person for journalists Sikandar Balouch is in contact with authorities at larkana and has updated that one suspect of killing has been arrested. Police sources also confirm the threats to the journalist.

Recent updates on Shan Dahar’s killing in Badeh, Larkanu reveals the fact which we already suspected that there must be some reason and hidden hand behind the bullet pierced Shan Dahar’s back and took her life. According to the updates received from Larkana that on new year night shan dahar was sitting with his freinds when he received news that Ms Badar wife of Nazir was brought to the Rural Health City block for delivery and her condition was not good. Medicines bought for her from the medical store were those which were used as sample and not for sell. Shan Dahar raised this issue with the owner of the medical store and during that a fired hit him from behind.


Police has arrested the owner of medical store and investigating further. We have report that Mr. Khadim Rind, an honest and reputed official is posted as DIG at Larkana  -we have full confidence in him and his investigation skills which will discover the truth behind the killing of a journalist.  safe_image


Recommendation by RightsNow Pakistan on Shan Dahar’s Case:

1. Investigation officer (IO) must be placed under an a committee comprising of honest, impartial, independent police officials supervised by the Magistrate

2. Local civil society and the legal Bar Association Larkana must monitor the investigation and later trial when challan is submitted before the Magistrate

3. Legal Bar Association Larkana should assist the lawyer/prosecution during the investigation  and the trial

4. Witness and complainant should be protected

5. Family of Shan Dahar must be compensated and supported both financially and emotionally by the TV Channel and  Government

6. We all collectively see whether Chief Minister Sindh province fulfill his promise of giving job to one of the Shan Dahar’s family member

7. Monitor security situation of Shan Dahar’s family

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