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Press Release: RightsNow Pakistan Chief Executive, advocate Ali A Palh visited Nara jail and did need assessment of capacity building of prison police. Mr. Palh recommended human rights course, nonviolent-communication, and gender, Pakistan Penal Code, General Assemblies Guidelines on prisoners, Criminal procedure and other course related to police deployed at prison. Mr. Palh was of the point of view that our policemen/women are not robots; 


they are human beings.They listen what we tell them, they learn what we teach them, they act on what we ask them to apply in their fields. Better trained police can strengthen rule of law, law enforcement and can protect society and community well. RightsNow Pakistan and Prison Department agreed to conducted training for prison police and organize a monthly/fortnightly workshop for police from February. Mr. Palh thanked to Mr. Nusrat Mangan, IG Jails and Shahnawaz Sand SP, principal Nara Jail Institute and other team members for their efforts and extra-ordinary cooperation. Images

Mr. Palh highlited the needs of police personals work in a very stressful and hard environment on a very low salaries. We must respect them and their social needs and provide them full support.Their salaries must be increased and their work hours must be according to national and international standards.

Dear progressive lawyers, Sindh Progressive Lawyers Forum has organized a seminar on issues faced by the lawyers of Sindh. These issues include the under-representation of Sindh province in the higher and highest judiciary, gender bias in judiciary both subordinate and higher, rule of law, deteriorating condition of legal education, introduction and promotion of other fields of law like immigration law, human rights law, public law, refugee law, tort law, constitutional law etc and raising voice for law reforms and domestication of international law.

Other topics will also be discussed in such seminars

@ 2 30 pm sharp at RightsNow Pakistan Office, A-49, G.N.B Bunglows 

A presentation on violation of merit in judicial elevation will also be made and lawyers community will be invited for their opinion and advocacy.

Gunmen shot dead two female polio workers and a policeman who was on duty to protect a polio vaccination team in Karachi. This is not the first time that polio workers are attacked. This is a permanent threat hovering over the workers who administer polio drops. Today’s shooting is the latest in a series of attacks by militants targeting polio teams. Those who witnesses the incident said there were

The shooting was the latest in a series of attacks by militants targeting polio teams. Pakistan is one of only three countries in the world where polio is still endemic, but efforts to stamp out the crippling disease have been hit by repeated attacks on health teams. According to the World Health Organization, Pakistan recorded 72 cases of polio in 2013 compared to 58 in 2012.

RightsNow Pakistan strong condemn the incident and call for providing security to the polio workers and action against those hitting the innocent citizens and hindering the anti polio campaign, a national cause to eradicate the endemic disease.



The Peace and Development Advisor will provide analysis and strategic advice to the UNDP senior management and Crisis Prevention and Recovery programmes and help link initiatives in a systematic fashion in collaboration with national counterparts. The PDA will also provide advice on political and security developments, including the political dialogue process, and advice on options to address challenges and seize opportunities in both tracks. The PDA will establish and maintain relationships with key players at an appropriate level, both at national and local level.

The PDA will work to support the overall UNDP component of conflict sensitivity, political dialogue, local conflict mitigation mechanisms, protection against armed violence and other similar initiatives. The UNDP programme aims to enhance national and local-level capacities to effectively bolster cohesion in multi-ethnic and multi-religious communities. The PDA will also help support relevant ministries, other national institutions, associations, municipalities and civil society to advance a conflict transformation system at local and national levels and ensure that informal mechanisms for dialogue and dispute settlement, including mediation, are also available to local communities.

The Peace and Development Advisor will work closely on the Peace and Development programme of the Crisis Prevention and Recovery unit. He/she will cooperate with Government officials, multilateral and bi-lateral donors and civil society to successfully implement sustainable interventions in this area.

Required Skills and Experience

Educational requirements:

  • Master Degree in social sciences, international relations, political science (with focus on conflict and peace studies), development studies, or other related domain.
Experience requirements:
  • Minimum of 7 years of progressively responsible professional international experience in the field of conflict prevention, peace-building and conflict- sensitive development, and other related area;
  • Proven experience in advising senior management,  interacting with senior Government officials and donors;
  • Demonstrated experience to provide project and program support with a conflict sensitive perspective;
  • Experience in facilitating peace processes and dialogue activities;
  • Experience working in an international organization, preferably the United Nations, and familiarity with political analysis, as well as crisis prevention and  recovery issues;
  • Knowledge of UN regulations, rules and policies, procedures and practices.
Language requirements:
  • Fluency in English is essential.

For more information or to apply, please follow this link:

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RightsNow Pakistan condemns growing attacks on journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders work for the protection of rights in Pakistan. Both state and non-state actors are accused in activities of harassing defenders. Firing in front the house of a human rights defender, Ansar Barni, then a killing of a Journalist, Shan Dahar and after that now killing of three workers of Express TV news has made human rights defenders, working on human rights and protection of freedom of speech, feel insecure and threatened. In these circumstances, the State authorities does not seem in position to protect citizens as well as human rights defenders from attacks of non-state actors. In this situation, international organizations and human rights defenders networks, will have to support Pakistani human rights defenders in making systems help improve their security. Through trainings and workshop, journalists, lawyers and administration staff of organization can be trained so the organization as well as individual design security plans and improve security of their staff. 

The Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah has condemned the attack and has taken action. However, it is now known what type of action has been taken and what will be redresssal impact of the action of Chief Minister of the province on the security of journalists, human rights defenders and common people in future.   

Current security arrangements made by the media organizations and human rights defenders are not sufficient to cope with the threats.

RightsNow Pakistan has urged the State to take its responsibility of protection of citizens, journalists and human rights defenders. However, in the statement, during our meeting and discussion with journalists, we have urged them to design  their effective security plans and proper assessment of the risk and threat.

RightsNow Pakistan has offered its services for conducting training with media organizations, press clubs, journalists groups, and lawyers on protection and security of human rights defenders. First workshop, it is being held tomorrow, on 18th January, 2014, Saturday at Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Hyderabad. 





Management of INDUS HOTEL HYDERABAD has decided to promote young vocal & instrumental artists every year. For that purpose very soon an elaborate program will be announced after consultation with like minded talents of Pakistan. It is proposed to be organized in first week of March 2014. First three winners will be awarded handsome cash prizes along with trophies. 
Interested people can contact us through post or e-mail on following address before 31st/January/2014.
Dr.Raees.M. Mushtaq 
Former Chairman Pakistan Arts Council Nawabshah 
Founder President Abida Arts Academy 
Indus Hotel, Hyderabad. 
From Editors’ Desk
RightsNow Pakistan encourage all music lovers to show their hidden talents and grab this opportunity. We appreciate Raees Mushtaq a senior Suprem Court lawyer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who has always shown concern for the society and well being of the people.  


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Despite a ban on holding a Jirga in Sindh, they are still being held and decisions are also being made and announced.  If there are hurdles in the way of implementation of Jirga decisions, it is reported that State machinery assists Jirga leaders, to remove these hurdles.


One such case is reported from Thul, Jacobabad where a Jirga was hled in village Gul Sher Kandrani situated in Garhi Hassan Sarki’s police jurisdiction on Sunday which was presided by Jirga leader Jahangir Banglani. The Jirga imposed a fine of Rs. 1.2 million on a alleged Karo (accused of having illicit relations with a woman) and ordered him to give his two daughters – 5-year-old Rubal and 15-year-old Zarnaz – to the sons of Abdul Samad Banglani in marriage. Since Sanaullah, who moved to Balouchistan in order to save his life after being declared Karo six months ago, had only returned to the village a couple of days back for this Jirga was being represented by his son in the Jirga. His son Abdul Rasool Banglani, refused to accept the verdict of the Jirga and left the scene. This attitude antagonized the Jirga leader, who raided Sanaullah’s house with his men and kidnapped Sanaullah’s wife and daughter.

RightsNow Pakistan has received reports from the fields that this Karo Kari issue is actually a manifestation, the real cause is an old election dispute between the Sardar who wanted to punish the father of two girls for voting his opponent in the recent General elections. A police man who murdered two his wives has taken ‘Karo Kari’ as a defence plea and want to save himself from punishment.

We feel sorry on the statement of SSP Jacobabad, Malik Zafar Iqbal has confirmed the happening of Jirga as well as its faisla (verdict) but denying the raid by the Jahangir on the house of Sanaullah Banglani and kidnapping of two of his daughters.

RightsNow Pakistan appreciates DIG Police Larkana Khadim Rind’s prompt action in this situation and suspended the SHO of the area for not preventing this human rights violation/crime in his jurisdiction.

Question arises when holding a Jirga is banned, and bartering women is crime then how did it took place? In Pakistan, the practice of settling disputes between tribes and families by using women as peace tokens is prohibited, it is being taken place, under the patronage of police.  The practice, known as Sawra, is banned because in such cases, the barter bride suffers whole life in the forced marriage. Forced marriage itself is an offence and prohibited in law.

Bartering of women or underage girls happens when someone is killed in a blood feud between tribes, the guilty party can make amends by giving his sister or daughter to the victim’s family. The “peace token” is forcibly married to one of the victim’s male relatives and usually will be treated as an object of recrimination and bitterness by her new family, which will work her like a slave.

This is also form of slavery which is not only prohibited by Pakistani law but also international law.


Updates: Assurance by DIG for stern action.

We also appreciate the investigation ordered by the DIG Police in this regard and assurance of the action.However, we are not happy with the statement of the police that “a case will be registered against the accused if the allegation of bartering girls is proved against him. This is completely illegally. The Highest Court of Pakistan has already ordered (PLD 2007 Supreme Court 539) that under section 154 Cr.P.C FIR should be registered and then inquiry should be held into the matter. Inquiry before the FIR is illegal. We fear that if this inquiry says this incident has not happened then that will be injustice and no case will be filed. We demand the registration of the case first and then its investigation by an honest police officer.

We also call for the protection of two girls, their father and other family members who have witnessed the incident and now must be facing threats from the influential sardars and Jirga leaders.

We call for a prompt action and inquiry into the matter that when there is ban on holding a Jirga and bartering  women/underage girls are an offence/crime then why this Jirga took place and how did the decision of bartering of underage girls/women was made and implemented.It shows the weak writ of the state and law enforcement agencies.


Reported to Asian Human Rights Commission

Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences

Hotline Asia

PLD 2007 Supreme Court 539

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Woh Banjar Khait k hissay ka Pani baich deta hai
Kabhi darya kabhi us ki rawani baich deta hai

Kisi bhi Mantaqi Anjam tak janay nehin deta
Kisi kirdar say mil ker kahani baich deta hai

Kisi taza Mohabbat ki khareedari ki khatir woh
Kisi pichhli Mohabbat ki Nishani baich deta hai

Koi tehreer bhi pabnd ker sakti nehin Us ko
Woh dastawezaat ko bhi muNh Zubani baich deta hai

Usay tabdeel honay mein Zara sa Waqt lagta hai
Nayi poshaak Miltay hi Purani baich deta hai………taken from Beena Hussain’s FB Wall