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Course Instructor:   Ali A. Palh   Attorney at Law (Advocate) , LL.B Sindh Law College, Hyderabad, Masters Human Rights (Thailand), LL.M (United States), Executive Director: RightsNow Pakistan   Email:    Mob: 0346 3327655

Assistant: Shahid Babbar     Mobile: 0300 8733852

Suggested Books     

Main: Criminology & Penology by S.M.A. Qadri 

Additional resource: Principles of Criminology & Criminal Law by Sardar M. Iqbal Khan Mokal, Ranan A. Razaque & Prof: Yameen



Crime & Criminology

–          Crime,  definition

–          Scope and nature of criminology

–          Trends and patterns in Criminality

–          Crime, attempt and completion

Criminal Law & its Administration

–          Laws: Substantive and Procedural Criminal law

–          Elements of Crime

–          Jurisdictions and its types

–          General Exceptions (Defenses)

–          Courts in Pakistan

–          Hierarchy & functions



-Nature & Extent of Crime

-Victim and victimization


 -Theories: social process theory, social structure theory, trait theory, choice theory

   -Enterprise crime: white-collar crime, cyber crime, and organized crime

-Criminal Justice System

-Immunity and impuinity

-Heinous and international crimes (Crime against humanity, Genocide, War crimes etc

-Crime against state

-Crime against property

-Crime against Women

-Crime against Religion

-Crimes in news and crimes in reality

-Policing, correction and law enforcement

-Society, offence and offender 

-Court does not recognize immunity- a step to end impunity

-Situation in the ICC


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