Farewell To Javed Ahmed Kerio- District & Session Judge-Human Rights Defender and a Just Judge

Posted: November 23, 2013 in News and Views

Fourteen MONTHS’ tenure of District & Session Judge Tando Allahyar was a grace period for lawyers, litigants, staff and masses. That was the period of Honorable Javed Ahmed Keerio, first District & Session Judge deployed in the newly established District Court Tando Allahyar.

I do not think that period will ever be forgotten by the people, lawyers who argued before him and other actors who saw justice happening in Tando Allahyar. Beneficiaries of decision taken by the District & Session Judge Tando Allayar are those who are always either excluded or suppressed will always miss that golden period of the District Court led by the District & Session Judge Tando Allahyar, Javed Keerio.

The level of deterrence increased in this tenure. That was expressed not only by many lawyers but also by litigants and outlaws.

An out lawed said, “Now court has become a place where we and our community cannot tread in because   my influence has ceased to work there.” New judicial team of five judges (Javed Keerio, DJ, Arshad Murtaza, ADJ, Niaz Soomro, SCJ, JM1- Khalid Hussain Lagahri, JM2, Neelam Shaikh) in Tando Allahyar has declared a jihad of justice and war against crimes and criminals.”

Being an independent, impartial unbiased author of this article and observer of the court, I found Javed Keerio open minded, courageous, punctual, firm, compassionate, and a real judge. Without any exaggeration and flattery, I would say he is the jjudge who gave opportunities to newly enrolled lawyers to gather their courage and appear before him. Had there been another judge, these junior lawyers have never dared to take a case. They will really miss Javed Keerio as a judge, justice, mentor and educator.

From interview made with different lawyers, there was a general opinion that Javed Keerio has following qualities:

Judicial Temperament: Most of the lawyers are of the opinion that Mr. Javed Keerio had patience to listen litigants and lawyers. He was a good listener. A rare quality of a human being, most of us are fond of speaking but reluctant to listen. Jawed Keerio, as per lawyers, provided enough space to young and old lawyer to make their arguments and cases. He never teased lawyers and public prosecutors for small mistakes. However, he kept encouraging the lawyers who got the chance to build their capacity gradually.

Suitability to workload: Another quality which is said to be found in Javed Keerio was his suitability to work load. He demonstrated his or her compatibility with the workload of the court.

Sensitivity to human rights and taboo topics: He is the one who introduced human rights as a separate subject in the cause list and allowed litigants to appear without lawyer and get relief. Suppressed, excluded and neglected sections and groups were encouraged to seek justice from the court. First time ever in the history of Tando Allahyar court word gender, women rights, forced labor were being heard and cases dealt in which victims got their grievances addressed.

Integrity and honesty: This is the quality which is foundation of this seat and one of the requirements was found in Keerio Javed. In his tenure more than 32 staff members were recruited on merit.

Bar & Bar & Bench: Lawyers heard saying in Keerio Javed ‘s tenure the relationship between Bar and Bench further strengthened and Javed Keerio gave very previous suggestions to the District Bar Association along with offer of cooperation.

We hope the legacy of Javed Keerio will continue in Tando Allahyar and other judicial districts where justice, human rights, impartiality, independence of judiciary and ethics of legal fraternity will be encouraged and established. We pray for Javed Keerio’s next posting and wish him best of luck in both his career and life.

RightsNow Pakistan, Sindh Progressive Lawyers Forum and progressive Lawyers Froum Tando Allhyar appreciate the services of Honorable Javed Ahmed Keerio for humanity and wish him best of luck in his career. And expect the same from the predecessors of Javed Ahemd Keerio at District & Session Court Tando Allahyar.

For comments write at alipalh@gmail.com or rightsnowpak@gmail.com

  1. shahid babbar says:

    Sir I will appreciate your efforts too

  2. saleem says:

    I Sir have complaint against wapda tandoallahyar that illegal detection bill put on us and unknown person broked our meter from waodapole that were not in our custody what i will do plz
    help help in this in regads

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