Traffic Jam has made people’s life miserable in Rawalpindi

Posted: November 13, 2013 in News and Views

Dear Editor, RightsNow Pakistan
by Gazal Jadoon

Traffic condition in Rawalpindi is getting worst day by day. Vehicles are increasing as populations increases. Some roads are block because of the digging up the city. One sector like WAPDA digs and repair then Sui gas starts digging.Thus digging keeps continue.

The other reason of traffic jam and mishaps in Rawalpindi is lack of driving sense. Some drivers are unaware of traffic rules . jumping lanes, over taking, speeding, cutting signals and cursing are the normal things in roads.
VIP movement also another factor of traffic jam.

VIP movement and construction work both might be a massive jam. if traffic flows frequently in the roads due to VIP movement in some areas disturb flow of traffic in the whole city its natural things the police take bribes from the drivers of buses, wagons, trucks and other commercial vehicles and did not do their duties properly.
If all of them do their duties and follow the rules and regulation so it might be control the traffic jams in Rawalpindi city.

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