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By Farwa Khalid (Researcher on women rights & Advocate Rizwan Lashari from RightsNow Pakistan).
On Sunday 27-October-2013, a delegation of human rights activists, writers, lawyers, journalists, women rights defenders, academia, retired judges and other civil society actors from both Karachi and Hyderabad went to Pangrio, district Badin to light candle at Bhooro Bheels’ grave and to show solidarity with Bhooro and his family. The gathering and presence of civil society actors at Bhooro Bheel grave not only helped to raise the level of confidence of Bhooro’s family, his community, but all those liberals and moderates of pingario and Pakistan.
-Family was found extremely sad, scared and in trauma. However, their situation of security and feelings improved by the visit of delegation.
-Tears were trickling down from the cheeks of Bhooro’s father. Loss of Bhooro Bheel irreparable for his father and then later what happened to his grave deeply saddened his family.
-Mukhi Akumal Bheel , brother-in-law of Bhooro, informed the delegation about the whole case in detail:
• Bhooro’s death occurred to his severe road accident which happened two days before his death. He was in coma continuously two days due to severe injuries. All the hospital’s expenses were fully borne by local Zamindar and head of village village Mir Haji Masood sahab. Bhooro left this world on on 05-10-2013 and then Bhooro was buried at Haji Faqeer graveyard. As the members of Bhooro’s community started digging the grave, three people came there and they forbad them and issued them threats of dire consequences if the dead body was buried. As according to Mukhi, graveyard is of both Hindu and Muslim. This is the graveyard where their ancestors are buried.
• While they were on their way, the same people came and issued threats to the family and community of Bhooro.
• Bhooro’s family went to police station to report but SHO did not act on this complain.
• Later those who issued threats, dug the grave of Bhooro Bheel and humiliated the dead body.
• At night time, a crowd led by few extremists, announced on speakers to dig out the grave of Bhorro and threw it out of grave yard and the next day they did. Those were involved in this act were armed while digging the graveyard. Family of Bhooro Bheel and his community was helpless and was waiting for SHO’s action, whom they reported about the issue and threats.
• Later SP Badin was informed by the community and family of Bhooro Bheel but he also did not respond to the situation and asked the family and community to leave the matter and re bury the body at some other place. .
At night they could know about this incident. After this entire act SP came at graveyard on call of Hindus. SP said we are peace loving (harmonious) people, we don’t want any conflicts leave this matter.
Later on request of Bhooro’s family, the dead body was buried in the land of Mir Haji Masood Sahab who gave 4 acre piece of land for Bhooro’s grave and grave yard of Hindus.
Demands made by the Bhooro Bheel noted by the RightsNow Pakistan Team are:
A judicial committee is formed which inquire into the matter.
Bhooro’s family wants justice for Bhooro and his community and want to live with other in peace and harmony.

Those who were members of the delegation included: Justice retired Salahuddin Mirza, Abrar Qazi, Mustafa Baloch, Javed Qazi, Kaleem Durrani, Ishaq Mangrio, Saif Samejo, Nazir Qureshi, Amar Sindhu, Arfana Mallah, Zarina Nawaz, Jaffar Memon, Mahesh, Fehmida Jarwar, Quratulain Mirza, Nobahar Wassan, and other Civil society members also visited.