A Change Agent is Killed- Hope ‘hope for justice’ will not be shattered

Posted: September 21, 2013 in News and Views

RightsNow Pakistan strong condemned the brutal murder of local women rights defender working on women’s health rights and empowerment in Ghotki. Sahib Khatun Mirani sustained five bullets i.e. one in the leg, one in the chin and one in the face and rest in other parts of her body. The bullet hit in the face proved fatal and caused her death. According to the local sources, the reason behind her killing is Sahiba Khatun’s decision to live separate from her cruel husband with whom she married three years ago.One month after the marriage, Sahib Khatun decide to separate from her husband and live with her mother. Since then she was the target and receiving threats as per local sources.

Case has been registered against the alleged perpetrator, who is husband of Sahib Khatun namely Ali Mohummad Mirani who along with two other unknown people allegedly killed Sahib Khatun. There are reports that Sahib Khatun was already threatened by her husband couple of time.

Question arises whether Sahib Khatun’ murderer will be sentenced. Also question arises that the change our society has witnessed in these few years in terms of women development will be affected by such incidents and women progress will be arrested if such incident keep happening with impunity and law does not come into action. Just lodging FIR and arresting the accused is not enough. Issue is case of Sahib Khatun needs to strengthen the prosecution so that the accused can be proved guilty if he has done the crime and nobody dares to do it again.   







RightsNow Pakistan talked many NGO people, civil society actors in Ghotki and some sardars regarding the killing of Sahib Khatun. Unfortunately, the response of most of the actors was : Such incidents happens everyday and lack of justice to victims and punishment to perpetrators is further strengthening the vicious circle.

Another response of a women works in NGO was: “We live in constant insecurity and in danger of life. We dream of our murders everyday. I do not know what is the impact of CEDAW and other laws talks about women security and rights.”

Another response of a person who is against NGOs and women rights surprised me. He said, “We attach his ghairat/honor his womenfolk and do not want they demand emancipation.” He sees women empowerment as a change against male dominance and authority and believe if they want to arrest that change, they need to stifle women who work in the NGO. Because they demand their rights, ask for their choices and they pose threat to status quo.

I was thinking why do not who give tools to women or other vulnerable groups when we give them awareness of human rights and encourage them to demand their human rights. To me, human rights education is necessary only when level of security of human is increased. NGOs should not make intervention in areas where they can not protect people. Not to talk about ensuring people’s protection, at least making organized efforts for the promotion of human rights and human lives is duty of NGOs but sorry to say they do not seem fulfilling them.


Sahib Khatun Mirani, a nurse in health sector, thought to start human rights and development work joined World vision and then Takhliq Foundation in March 2013 as social mobilizer. She married with Ali Mohummad Mirani three years ago but when she realized that Ali Mohummad could not prove himself as a kind a good husband. She decided to stay separate. Sahib Khatun’s father died three years ago but for her main source of strength was still there in the form of her mother till 22 August 2013 when she passed away. After her mother died, brothers of Sahib Khatun asked her to made compromise with her husband and stay with him.


According to sources, Sahib Khatun’s husband used to issue threat to her but she used to manage them. Sahib Khatun’s colleague shared she was hard working and brave girl and after her mother’s death in August, when her brothers asked her to go to her husband’s house. She went there and started living with him. But that did not make her life easy. She was still insecure and under threats of her husband. These threats materialized and at last her husband with the support of two other unknown accused killed Sahib Khatun as per version of Ramzan brother of Sahib Khatun.


However as per other sources, the killing of Sahib Khatun may have link with another issue related to another girl working in an NGO. That girl was threatened by some people who wanted to kill that girl and Sahib Khatun knew this and was making effort to save her. Which story is right will come to the light after police investigation is completed. Hope Police will investigate into the matter without any bias and pressure and bring the real facts to light and perpetrator to the book. If this is the case, then another woman’s life is also in danger and before she is killed, law and law enforcement agencies should come into action. 




RightsNow Pakistan Chief Executive Ali Palh advocate contacted former Naib Nazim Sardar Bari Pitafi and ask if as a liberal Sardar if he is making any effort and supporting the law enforcement agencies to do justice with the victim an the family. Mr. Pitafi was of the view that he is trying his best to support the family to strengthen Sahib Khatun’s case. He condemns this brutal murder and making his efforts to make sure such incidents are not repeated in the district.

RightsNow Pakistan believes state has the resources, responsibility and it should have the will to protect its citizens particularly vulnerable citizens whose protection level is low.

  1. blogantonic says:

    Alas! very sad story, killing of women is Pakistan and in Sindh particularly have made women’s life miserable and uneasy. Bad law in order situation and no response from government institutes have made life insecure in all regions of Pakistan. Even a little child is left free to live……. do not know what is going to happen to this country?

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