Application OPen for MA Peace & Development, Leeds, UK

Posted: August 13, 2013 in News and Views

Applications open for MA Peace and Development, Leeds, UK.

The twin challenges of global poverty and violent conflict require us to understand how the tasks of peacebuilding and development can work together to enable communities, countries and regions to improve people’s lives.

The MA Peace and Development at Leeds Metropolitan University weaves theory and practice together to examine the causes of poverty and conflict, how local, national and international systems deal with violence and development strategies to improve peoples basic living conditions, and what methods are brought together to build sustainable peace and improve livelihoods.

Pressures associated with climate change, natural resource depletion, explosive war remnants, increasing global migration, and economic and political crises mean that the issues associated with conflict and development become ever more important. This course will provide you with the tools to analyse & address these key challenges in a reflective and sensitive manner so you are equipped to make a positive difference.


The international group of students doing this MA are typically involved in social change, NGOs, Government and policy work and bring with them varied experiences that enrich the course experience. Through the taught course and your own research you will be using a range of innovative tools, going on visits and working alongside research active staff and PhD students . The taught work includes project management and evaluation meaning that you leave with the practical skills, as well as knowledge and understanding to work in a variety of local, national and international careers. There are also opportunities to participate in ongoing research with staff.

The programme offers students an exciting, comprehensive, professionally-orientated programme of study in a dynamic field.” Dr Dyer, External Advisor


NEW: If you are able to join the course in September 2013 you will be able to participate in thePAGE Festival – a week of activities, employer showcase, and speakers, involving students and staff from Politics, International Relations, Peace and Development and can join the group preparing to attend the Sarajevo Peace Festival in 2014.


For all enquiries or visits please contact the course leader Dr. Rachel

 To apply please click here

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