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We are very much thankful to DIG training, DIG Head Quarter and principals of Police Academies who have given us an opportunity to train police on human rights, gender, modern methods of investigation and other areas of law.  We appreciate the staff of the colleges for their best co-ordination.

Below are some reflection received from police officers rained by us.


Causes for failure of police to investigate the crimes and reach the real culprits

  1. No transport
  2. No fuel
  3. Too much work on police/Extra duty hours/No proper sleep
  4. No  facilities (health etc)
  5. No trainings on modern ways of investigations
  6. No cost of investigation
  7. Lethargic attitude of higher police officers in passing orders on police papers
  8. Citizens are scared to be witnesses 
  9. Citizens avoid to share infomraion about crimes occured or going to happen
  10. 14 days – short period for investigation
  11. No modern tools, methods, facilities, training available for the staff

 Following two sentences of two participants really touched us. 

We are not criminals in uniforms, we are victims and demand justice

Please do not hate us, help us to improve to be able to get your love. 

A complete report will be kept on the website soon.