Strongly Condemn Attack on Doctor Asim Niaz, Channa, a young Orthopedist

Posted: January 8, 2013 in News and Views

RightsNow Pakistan condemns attack on young orthopaedic Dr. Asim Niaz Channa by three armed men while he was returning from his clinic in his car in Qasimabad. This incident happened near the home of the doctor. Dr. Asim Niaz Channa, son of prominent doctor and social activist Dr. Niaz Channa was injured in the attack. Two of three attackers have been identified and FIR has been lodged against three of them by Ahsan Niaz Channa, brother of the victim Dr. Asim Niaz. According to reports, shot gun has been used in the weapon as empties recovered from the scene reveal. Dr. Asim Niaz Channa’s clini is an old clinic in Qasimabad established since the inception of Qasimabad, a house area, more than two decades ago.
Doctors, journalist, NGO workers, Businessmen, lawyers, women, minorities are not secured in Pakistan. Their level of security has decreased due to impunity to gangsters. Police is unable to protect citizens for political interference, corruption and lack of will. Qasimabad has become a notorious area for extortion, theft, robberies and other criminal activities. Nationalist political parties enjoy strong hold in Qasimabad but failed to provide security and maintain peace in the area.
This is not the first time that any doctor is attacked. In past, a senior doctor was kidnapped and killed. In many other incidents, doctors were kidnapped and released after paying huge ransom. Seems Qasimabad has become an area where police is unable and unwilling to act against the culprits. Writ of state is limited and people, businessmen and other citizens have become client of security. They pay money and buy their security from gangsters.
Many Sindhi families have left this area due to insecurity and extortion. If this trend continues, Qasimabad will lose its economic, business importance and will gained a notorious image and peaceful, professional people and business community of Qasimabad will leave or start living at the terms and conditions of gangsters. Dr. Asim Channa and his family has many offers from abroad for jobs and settlement but they reject them due to their love for land and urge for serving their own community. If such attacks continue, the might consider to change their decision and leave this country.
We urge DIG police, SSP Hyderabad to take stern action against the culprits involved in the incident, provide protection to victim, his family, and witnesses and ensure the fair investigation is done in the matter.
Apart from this, general performance of police, should be improved and beefed up to meet the security needs of citizens of Qasimabad and to uphold the rule of law.

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