Strongly condemn the abduction of a young Hindu lawyer

Posted: December 26, 2011 in News and Views

Mohan Lal Menghwar, a young lawyer and member of District Bar Mirpurkhas went missing yesterday while he was going to Hyderabad in his car. Advocate Mohan Law left Mirpurkhas yesterday morning at 5 am. According to Mohan Lal’s family members, Mohan Lal has been abducted by unknown people. Mohan Lal’s car has been recovered from a Tando Jam taxi stand.

Advocate Mohan Lal

Today District Bar Mirpurkhas has condemned the young lawyers’ abduction and called for his immediate release. RightsNow Pakistan condemns this dirty act and is concerned about worrying trend of abduction of minorities for ransom and other reasons compelling them to leave the province and the country. Such incidents are being reported from different parts of Pakistan on regular basis and have increased in recent past. Abduction of Hidus especially of girls for forced conversion and marriages to Muslims and for ransom have also increased in Pakistan. RightsNow Pakistan demands immediate action for the release of Advocate Mohan Lal and the security of his family members. Parliament should take up this issue of the plight of Hindus who are feeling helpless and insecure in the current environment. Kidnapping of Hindus, such as of Advocate Mohan Lal, is tragically too common. There have been several Hindus who were abducted and set free after they paid off the ransom to their kidnappers. Advocate Mohan Lal belongs to a middle class family and lives hand to mouth. He and his family cannot afford to pay ransom and buy security for himself and his family. RightsNow Pakistan contacted the President of District Bar Mirpurkhas, Advocate Salah ul Din Panhwer, who commented that the Government should seriously take the issue protecting of Hindus in Sindh and Pakistan. Mr. Panhwer led the District Bar in protest against the alleged abduction of advocate Mohan Lal and demanded action by the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Justice of Sindh High Court. Pakistan Bar Council will observe black day on Monday, 26 December 2011as a protest against the abduction of Hindus brother and sister. Advocate Mir Shahzad Ahmed Talpur told RightsNow Pakistan that the District Bar Mirpurkhas will boycott the court proceedings until Advocate Mohan Lal is returned home safely. RightsNow Pakistan also talked to Advocate Harish, brother of the victim, who shared that they demand joint action by police of three districts (Mirpurkhas, Tando Allahyar, and Hyderabad) because advocate Mohan Lal departed from Mirpurkhas and his car was recovered from Tando Jam which falls in Hyderabad Police’s jurisdiction. Police of three districts is trying to transfer the responsibility of action to each-other. This kind of attitude will further delay Mohan Lal’s security and jeopardize his security. Advocate Harish also shared that they have not lodged report FIR yet and hoping for a joint and coordinated action by the police of three districts.

  1. Mansoos says:

    It is most condemn-able action that a young repute lawyer has been abducted and management should take serious step.

  2. Kishore says:

    He is still kidnaped…. after 64 days

  3. Kishore says:

    Where is the justice ?

  4. Rajkumar says:

    Strongly condemn the abduction of a young Hindu lawyer

  5. Nisar Ahmed Jakhro says:

    Hon;able Mr ASIF ALI ZARDARI, I want share with you our Hon;able president…
    Hon;able Sir I Live in Thatta District Sir I am is your big fan and I pray From GOD you may be sucessed in the coming election..
    Sir I my desire is that I would like work with you and I want personal PA to yours Sir So Please Sir give me one Chance and complete my wish Thank you Sir GOD Bless you all time

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