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Mr. Mohummad Arisar reported at RightsNow Pakistan’s office about his son’s disappearance. According to him, his son along with two friends Ahsan Malano and Mohsin Shah were forcedly taken by Pakistan’ intelligence agency personnel from Khanpur road between Kotri and Jamshoro. These are targeted disappearances which have been carried out by intelligence agencies with the connivance of Mr. Zulifqar Arain, Incharge CIA Hyderabad.

Mohummad Arisar’s 25 year old son has a political affiliation with Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz (JSMM), a nationalist and separatist group, was being followed by the intelligence agencies and was booked in many false criminal cases from which he was respectfully released by the courts.

A few days ago, now disappeared Mohummad Bashir Arisar shared with the family that his motorbike was intercepted by a few people who were in plain clothes and they tried to abduct him but he managed to escape. Yesterday, on 17th November 2011, Bashir Ariasar and his two friends Mohsin Shah and Ahsan Malano came to the Session Court Kotri for hearing in a case. Bashir Arisar was also accompanied by his elder brother Manzoor Ahmed Arisar and one relative of Mohsin Shah. Manzoor Arisar elder brother of disappeared Bashir Ahmed shared that yesterday that they observed that a few people in plain clothes, who were accompanied by Zulifqar Arain, CIA in-charge Hyderabad, were present in the premises of the Session Court and were chasing Bashir Ahmed, Mohsin Shah and Ahsan Malano.Later, Bashir Ahmed Arisar, Ahsan Malano, Mohsin Shah left Session Court and were going to Jamshoro on two bikes with Manzoor Arisar and one relative of Mohsin Shah. Their motor bikes were intercepted at the Khanpur road between Kotri and Jamshoro and they were forcedly abducted. According to Manzoor Arisar, brother of Bashir Arisar, during interception, they also hit their motor bikes and they fell down. Manzoor Arisar told RightsNow Pakistan that those who abducted his brother Bashir Ahmed Arisar and two of his friends (Mohsin Shah & Ahsan Malano) were in two black vehicles. One was cultus while other was of similar type. Manzoor Arisar shared that, “we were scared and nervous so could not note down their numbers but I could recognize Zulifqar Arain, CIA In-charge who was also present in the Court premises.”

RightsNow Pakistan has also reported that the mother of disappeared Mr. Bashir Arisar who by qualification is a mining engineer, is a heart patient. After hearing news of her sons’ abduction, her condition has further deteriorated. Bashir Arisar’s father who is a high school teacher in Badin is shuttling between Kotri, Jamshoro Police Station and visiting CIA center Hyderabad for the whereabouts of his son Bashir Arisar and two of his friends but so far nobody knows where they have been taken. RightsNow Pakistan condemns these illegal activities of legal state actors which violate Pakistan’s constitution and international human rights law. These activities of State actors are creating fear, insecurity in the masses as well as society and eroding people’s trust in the State and its institutions.

RightsNow Pakistan calls for immediate and safe release of Bashir Arisar, Mohsin Shah and Ahsan Malano and clearly states that if the State actors have any charges against these people they should be brought against them in the court of law and they should be given the chance of facing the fair trials. Why has the State been silent and not only failed to protect its citizens but failed to control its agencies. The State of Pakistan seems have lost all control over its intelligence agencies that control the province. These agencies use national security and protection of ideological boundaries and territorial integrity of Pakistan, to justify the extra-judicial killings and disappearances of citizens of Pakistan. RightsNow Pakistan has observed and analyzed that such incidents are increasing in Balouchistan and Sindh; particularly in universities. In Sindh, there is rarely a week goes by without any news of disappearance. This is making people of Sindh critical of Pakistani State institutions and weakening the foundations of the federation and helping violent elements to further their agenda and increase their numbers.  RightsNow Pakistan demand an end to the disappearances of Pakistani citizens and calls for the immediate release of all those who have been forcibly disappeared.

Please Send This Letter to All Names Mentioned Below:

PAKISTAN: Three more disappearances of JSMM’s activists from Kotri, Sindh.

Names of victims:  Mr. Basheer Ahmed Arisar, Mr. Mohsin Shah and Ahsan Malano.

Names of alleged perpetrators: Zulifqar Arain, Incharge CIA Hyderabad and others (not known)

Date of incident: 17 November, 2011

Place of incident: Kotri & Jamshoro Road

I am writing to voice my deep concern regarding the disappearances of three activists of Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz (Jeay Sindh United Front) from Kotri on November 17, 2011.

I am distressed to know that these three young activists were abducted by legal actors (Police, CIA, other agencies) when they returned from the Session Court Kotri and were going to Jamshoro. They have not been produced before the relevant magistrate. Their families have not been informed about their whereabouts. If there are charges Bashir, Ahsan and Mohsin. They should be informed and tried in the court of law. They should be given an opportunity to face a transparent and fair trial.

This is not the first time that this kind of incident has been reported. Such incidents are being reported from different parts of the country on regular basis. We all are human being and well aware of the fact that these disappearances cause particularly agony for relatives of the victims. They are unable to know whereabouts of victims. They even do not know whether the victims are dead or alive. These types of incidents are raising fears and insecurity among masses and chances of torture and inhumane treatment to the victims.  

I hope you understand the pain of parents of the victims and hope to see immediate action from yourself and your good offices.

Yours sincerely,

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1. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

President of Pakistan

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2. Mr. Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani

Prime Minister of Pakistan

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3. Syed Qaim Ali Shah

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8. Dr. Faqir Hussain


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