RightsNow Pakistan Calls for Security of Our Hindu Brother & Sisters

Posted: September 6, 2011 in News and Views

RightsNow Pakistan calls for security of our Hindu brother and sisters and ending of discrimination agaisnt them on the basis of belief.

Harassment of Hindu girls is daily occurrence which is also not being reported in media due to fear and attacks. Recently, five business families wrapped their business, sold their properties, houses and left the country. These concerns have been raised at different forums and conveyed to authorities but not any serious action has been taken by the Government and security concerns of our Hindu brothers and sisters are not being heard.

Departure of Hindus is causing brain drain and depriving our homeland from peaceful and professional country-fellows. This will further affect the business and ultimately the economy of the country. Flight of business will reduce the livelihood opportunities in the country and deprive us from skilled doctors, engineers, and other professionals. This kind of situation will not make other Hindu brothers and sisters feel insecure but tarnish our country’s image at international level where this perception that minorities in Pakistan are not safe is already high.

It is very sad to see government and State’s lukewarm response to abductions, killings and loss of property of Hindus. There are examples where Hindu community leaders asked district administration for security arrangements on their festivals but district administration refused because they do not think Hindu festivals have the equal status and they deserve the same respect. One of such examples is the complaint of Mr. Sanjesh Kumar, President Pakistan Hindu Seva (PHS) who shared with media that, “The government is not providing them adequate security,” he added

The Constitution of Pakistan which takes the responsibility of protection of every Pakistani, his/her family and property and guarantees equal treatment by the law and state apparatus. Whatever is happening with our Hindu brothers and sisters is clear violation of constitution of Pakistan and international law which obliges states to treat all citizens equally and guarantees their protection. Does not this violate article 25 of the Constitution of Pakistan which says, “all citizens are equal before law and are entitled to equal protection of law.”  Not only violation of the country’s constitution but violation of international law to which Pakistan is party and ratified the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) which strictly prohibits the discrimination against anyone on the basis of color, caste creed and other grounds.

 RightsNow Pakistan calls for urgent action to be taken to protect our Hindu brother and sisters’ address their security concerns and respond to their protection needs. So they can feel secure and non-discriminated and could contribute in the development and progress of Pakistan as other Pakistani do. RightsNow Pakistan also draw the attention of lawyer community, NGOs, civil society organizations and other civil society actors to play their active role in the protection and security of Hindu brothers and sisters.

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