RightsNow Pakistan Condemn the abduction of Shahbaz Taseer, son of Salman Taseer,

Posted: August 26, 2011 in News and Views

Statement: RightsNow Pakistan condemn the abduction of Shahbaz Taseer, the son of slained Salman Taseer, former Governor Punjab, today on 26th August, morning by armed men from Lahore. According to media reports, Mr. Shahbaz Taseer was abducted from Lahore GulBerg area, while he was travelling in his car with his freinds. Abductors abducted everyone but later released his freinds who informed the police about the incident.

Shahbaz Taseer son of Salman Taseer

 It is relevant to mention here that Shahbaz Taseer’s father, Salman Taseer former Governor of Punjab, was assasinated by his own guard, Mr. Mumtaz Qadri, for his alleged blasphamous comments and his efforts for the release of Aisha Bibi, a christian women accused of committing blasphamy. RightsNow Pakistan calls for both national and provincial government for investigation and release of Shahbaz Taseer. This is nother sad incident with Taseer family after the assasination of  Salman Taseer.

RightsNow Pakistan condemns the abduction of Mr. Shahbaz Taseer and call for his immediate release. We expresss solidaity and sympathy with Taseer family.

Karachi, this incident in Lahore and other incidents of violence and killings in other parts of Pakistan shows the weaker writ of the Government where citizens have lost their confidence in the state for their security. If this time, the Shahbaz Taseer was not speedily released and  abductors were not held accountable, the miscreants and criminal elements will be encouraged and peaceful citizens of Pakistan will feel more insecure and scared.


  1. gulzeb palh says:

    yes, our government doesn,t take any action against criminal,
    pakistan citizens are still quite…if somebody break the the rules,then government servant(police) should take action instead of power holders

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