Opportunities for Lawyers -Columbia University’s Human Rights Program

Posted: July 25, 2011 in News and Views

Columbia University’s Human Rights Advocates Program, founded in 1989, the human rights Advocates Program (HRAP) is a unique and successful model of human rights capacity building. HRAP capitalizes on its affiliation with Columbia University and its location in New York City to provide grassroots leaders the tools, knowledge, access, and networks to promote the realization of human rights and strengthen their respective organizations.
HRAP’s comprehensive program of advocacy, networking, skills-building, and academic coursework provides advocates the opportunity to hone practical skills, develop a deeper understanding of human rights, and foster mutually beneficial relationships with organizations and individuals in their respective fields.
Program Overview
After completing the intensive four-month program, Advocates are able to more effectively lobby for their causes and address the human rights concerns of their community. The comparative advantages of the Human Rights Advocates Program are its:
–     Comprehensive program of skills-building, networking, advocacy, and academic coursework
–     Emphasis on individual and organizational capacity building
–     Affiliation with Columbia University and location in New York
Highlights of the HRAP Program
Advocates attend a number of skills-building workshops led by staff from organizations including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. The workshops strengthen their effectiveness as individual advocates and allow them to build stronger organizations in their respective home countries. Topics include fundraising, campaign strategy, advocacy tools, media relations, stress management and research and documentation.
Networking and Collaborative Relationships
Throughout the four-month program, Advocates are able to meet with a range of human rights organizations, international institutions, foundations, donors, and policymakers that are based in New York City. Each year, Advocates also participate in a networking and advocacy trip to Washington DC. The program also gives Advocates time and space to reflect on their work and share their experiences and insights with one another.
Unique Access to Advocacy Forums
Advocates are frequently invited to participate and attend panel discussions and lectures, both at Columbia University and throughout the United States. During such events, Advocates are able to raise public awareness and promote the work of their organizations.
Columbia University
Advocates audit at least two graduate level courses at Columbia University. Advocates attend classes at the School of International and Public Affairs, the Law School, the Mailman School of Public health, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciencees, the School of Social Work, Teachers College and Barnard.  Each Advocate is assigned a Columbia University professor as mentor. Advocates often develop strong relationships with professors, students, and other members of the Columbia University community.
ISHR makes every effort to provide full fellowships to cover program costs as well as travel and housing. A reasonable stipend is also provided to cover basic costs. ISHR staff will work with interested candidates who have been wait listed for the Program to identify potential funding sources in cases where ISHR has not secured the resources to provide a full fellowship.
Application Deadline
Completed applications are due by 11:59pm GMT on Friday, November 18, 2011. The completed application must be submitted online by the deadline. Applicants should take into consideration technical issues and begin the process in advance of the deadline. The online application system will automatically close as of this deadline.

  1. Very good.HR activists who have been working without resources and means and ways to meet the
    challenge. This offer is good opportunity to broaden the base of HR knowledge and contacts.
    I as an individual and on behalf of our organization would be interested to avail this God given opportunity.
    But USA is very difficult place for Muslims particularly from Pakistan.
    I am Advocate and practicing since 37 years rather more than period as trade union activists were and are
    allowed to appear in the labor courts.Please let me know how to apply for admission and funding for

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