The Pain never entirely fade;Hassan lives in his poetry and in our hearts

Posted: June 21, 2011 in News and Views

Hafeez Kunbhar informed me about Hassan’s untimely death. I was shocked beyond measure and could not believe the news. After Tariq’s death, Hassan’s departure was a big loss. A loss which will never fade. Myself and Hassan were both from Tando Allahyar but did not know each other until we met at A-28 G.O.R Colony (house of Syed Sardar Shah) a nest for poets, writers and journalists.

Hassan Dars

Soon we became friends. Hassan was open, blunt, honest person and a beautiful poet. We traveled to Islamabad and other places together. He was full with fun and romance. He always looked younger than his age and always had a mischievous and attractive smile on his face. Hassan’s clean heart and romantic nature always kept him young and motivated. Whenever we gathered at A-28 -we always missed him. And whenever we missed him . He made himself available for us. What are we going to do when he is more with us and has left  us forever?I believe Hassan will always be with us in the form of his poetry, his smile, riddles and stories of Lar (region of Sindh).

Hassan’s untimely demise is not only loss of his wife and children, Dars family,Mashaakh Hoti, Tando Allahyar but whole Sindh and literary community.

For Hassan:

Yar! you will always live in our hearts, in your poetry and history.

For Hassan’s family:

Our  extend our heartfelt condolences and sympathies to Erum Mahboob (Hassan’s wife) and his children and keep them in our thoughts. May their strength prevail to help them through this difficult time. during this excruciating time, we whole Sindh are with you.

Mashakh Hoti (Hassan’s village)

Thanks for giving birth to such a great poet!!!

Tando Allahyar

We can not repair your irreparable loss; we try to share it.


How fertile are you Sindh. We feel proud of your sons and daughters.

I feel like cry. Let us cry together!!!

  1. Rafik Ahmed says:

    A touching tribute to a lovely poet. Deputy Commissioner Office Tando Allahyar is planning to build a memorial to pay homage to Hassan Dars.

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