Friends of SPO company has been registered in the United Kingdom

Posted: June 21, 2011 in News and Views

 Naseer Memon, Chief Executive, Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) shared about a momentous achievement that a newly incorporated company Friends of SPO [Company No. 7668432] has been registered in the United Kingdom on 14th June 2011. Friends of SPO has been incorporated under the Companies Act 2006. This new company will also apply for charitable organization status in the due course, hence carrying out much needed assistance to the communities and people of the United Kingdom, as well as building further linkages and support to various organizations in other countries including SPO in Pakistan. While sharing his comments, Naseer Memon said, “I am in no doubt that this is good news for all of us and furthermore trust that your support and assistance will continue as the ‘Friends of SPO’ embarks on its voyage of fortifying linkages between communities in UK, Pakistan and other neighboring countries.”

  1. Shakeel Abro says:

    No doubt it is a very encouraging news for the rural communities of Pakistan ad the presence of SPO in these poverty striken rural communities depends on the trust of friends of SPO who knows the real work of SPO.I wish best of luck with this new company.

  2. Mir Mohammad Baloch says:

    It is great achievement of SPO team and people of Pakistan. Congratulation to Naseer Memon and salute to his great leadership for SPO.


  3. Nawaz Phulpoto says:

    Great achievement Naseer sb, well done.

  4. It is great achievement of SPO team.

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