Extra-Judicial Killing Justified by the Ranger as an Encounter Killing

Posted: June 9, 2011 in News and Views


This time it is not just an accusation but video proof shows that the Rangers personnel killing a young man in cold blood in a public place in Pakistan without showing any respect for the human rights and rule of law. This video was made by people who were present on the scene, who saw this happening.  

Please see the video:

According to the reports, a spokesperson of the Sindh Rangers, a paramilitary force, issued a press statement claiming that the 25 year old Sarfaraz Shah was killed on June 8, 2011, during an encounter with Rangers deployed outside a park in Karachi. According to the press release issued by the Rangers claims that Sarfraz was caught red handed while snatching cash and valuables from a park visitor. Rangers’ personals entered the park and Sarfraz fired at them.  The Rangers further claim that they then returned fire and killed the robber. However, when above video appeared on different TV channels shows that the story is different and Sarfraz Shah was unarmed and pleading for his life. Video clearly shows that Sarfraz was being beaten by the Ranger personnels and pleading for his life.

After the incident, relatives and supporters of the family launched a protest in front of the Sindh Chief Minister House and demanded the immediate registration of a First Information Report (FIR) against the Rangers personnel and the prompt arrest of those involved in the murder. After this video surfaced on different TV Channels exposed the reality of this brutal action, the government arrested five Ranger officials.

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