Ali Palh Presents at World Learning Center, Vermont about Human Rights Situation in Pakistan

Posted: June 8, 2011 in News and Views

Ali Palh, human rights lawyer from Pakistan attended three weeks long CONTACT 2011 Program at Wolrd Learning Center, Vermont where he gave a comprehensive presentation about Pakistan, its culture, human rights issues, and challenges Pakistan faces. Among human rights, his focus was on disappearences in Balochistan, and other parts of Pakistan. His presentation also raised the issue of gender violence in Pakistan.

While taking to CONTACT 2011 participants, Ali shared with the participants that how the violence and terrorism has affected Pakistan and its people. He also highlighted the issue of tension on borders with neighbors and shared that these tensions on borders have made Pakistan a land locked country. Due to this tension with neighboring countries, a Pakistani is being deprived of education and employment opportunities at regional level. In addition, the negative image of Pakistan is also affecting Pakistani citizens duirng their international journeys. While sharing his own experience, Mr. Palh said, Pakisatni are being subjected to introgation by immigration at different airports. This situation discourages innocent Pakistani from travelling abroad for education and employment.Situation has further aggravated after Osama was found in Pakistan.

Ali Palh in his presentation emphasized on following points:

All Pakistani are neither extremist nor terrorist so world should not treat us in this way. We are ready to cooperate with the world in order to imporve the collective security and prevent terrorist acts from happening. It is not true that Pakistani society has become intolerant and making moving backward. Majority of Paksitani population is peaceful and nonviolent and does not support terrorism any where in the world.


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