World Environment Day Celebration at Mithi, Nangarparkar

Posted: June 7, 2011 in News and Views

News by Bharumal  Ammranni from Mithi-

On the eve of world  environment day, a call for saving forest was given by the local organizations supported by SCOPE. The call was asking people to onboard for world’s  Environment day.  It was jointly organized by Scope and Drynet and participated by many villagers.

Villagers planted thousands of trees at Yaro Jo Wandiyo, Nagarpakar as a part of campign for saving environment for future generations. Rally was also supported by the district government, started from the market chowk and ended infront of the press club. Among those who addressed the rally include Mr. Bharumal, Coordinator SCOPE, Shah Nawaz Hingorjo, Lawyer, Nasar ullah Samoo, Malji Rathur, Pardeep Kalani and Dolat Ram Khatri. In their address they raised the following issues:

Cutting of trees should be stopped so the environment could be saved. Their message was no trees no rain and no rain no water.  All speakers unanimously demanded from the Government for giving Karujhar Park of Nangar Parkar as National Park. They also criticised the policies of the Government and mentioned that the Government on one hand has no money for development work in Thar district while on the other side it has sponsored, Thar Jeep Marathon.  Scope Green Garden also participated in the gathering.

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