Prominent Pakistani Journalist Found Dead Because of His Stories

Posted: June 1, 2011 in News and Views

A Pakistani journalist who investigated al-Qaida’s alleged infiltration of the navy went disappeared on Sunday evening from Islamabad and found dead on Tuesday. According to the media reports he told the intelligence agencies that he was threatened by the Pakistan’s intelligence agencies called ISI for writing stories on Taliban and Al Qaeda. Forty years Saleem Shahzad, had unparallel sources among Islamic extremist including Al-Qaeda. Saleem Shahzad, whose tortured body was found from the banks of a canal in Mandi Bahawaldin, a town located at two hours South of Islamabad.

Saleem Shahzad

Saleem Shahzad’s last story was on Al-Qaida’s inflittration of the Pakistani navy. He was reporting for Asia Times online newspaper based in Hong Kong and the Italian News Agency Adnkronos International. Those who saw his body mentioned that his face was swollen, covered in wounds, had 15 torture marks on his body. Shahzad always interview Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders in their hide-outs. After he publish his book, ‘Inside Al -Qaeda & the Taliban’ he shard with his fellow journalist that he wa viited by ISI personels many times. He also published an story that the Pakistan has quitely freeed Mullah Bahadar, the deputy leader of the Afghan Taliban who was arrested in February last year.

The Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) found that Pakistan was the most dangerous country in 2010 for reporters. Reporterurs Sans Borders has ranked Pakistan 151 out of 178 countries in its latest Press Freedom Index.

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